YouTube Banned One Of My Videos. Reposted On Rumble. Tunnels/Underground Cities. Dr. Strangelove and Nuclear War


This is a video I made early one morning in 2016 (ish).  YouTube sent me a nice email today, after eight years online, informing that it had content in it that could not be shown on youtube, so they deleted it.  The truth is abhorrent to youtube, especially now that war with Russia is on the political menu.

The video is definitely pertinent today and you will like it, probably.  Certainly it will help clarify why so many politicians are harping for nuclear war with Russia.  Check it out…

My guess is that nuclear war is now probable, and that “they” want to get the notion of underground cities being safe to live in blocked from the minds of the general population.

I’ve written about Palantir before.

For Robin:

The Brainwashed HouSEWife: Admiral Byrd’s 🔮Operation Highjump was a DOME disaster, not NAZI UFO’s

The firmament in his headstone.  Plain sight.


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Robin Sonstegard
Robin Sonstegard
2 months ago

Wehrner von Braun=Dr. Strangelove…great movie…yes, my Air Force brat 2nd husband told me this. Thanks for re-sharing. Robin

2 months ago

Thing is the bombs have gotten much stronger sense the movie and
there is no where deep enough for them to hide.
I have always wondered how they might plan to remove a thick layer of
rubble if they did survive being berried alive .
Satan and his minions have never been known for being sane or particularly smart that way.

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