You Might Want To Take a Look At This Very Close UFO Video’d From The ISS Space Station Today

This is the most interesting UFO video I have ever seen.  I’m not very excited about it because its either man-made or Satan-made right here on or under earth.  If its man-made, Satan traded some of his technology for unimpeded access to us.  Satan isn’t a ghost.  He is a fallen celestial being able to change his form.  He is finite, but brilliant.  He needs help to enslave humanity.


This is not likely a fake because a different lady a day earlier sent this youtube channel some still images of the same craft.


Originally posted on November 10, 2019 @ 11:33 pm


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2 thoughts on “You Might Want To Take a Look At This Very Close UFO Video’d From The ISS Space Station Today”

    1. Actually, I am quite sure it is fake, but for different reasons. First, why would the government allow such a video to be released to the public via their live camera operation on ISS? Only to steer public opinion. Second, all measurable evidence I personally investigate and measure indicates to me that the earth is flat, not a ball, and the “earth” in the video is a ball – with no stars, as always. But 99 percent of the people who view this video worldwide will be goggle-eyed over the drama of it all. I think NASA is a complete fraud, based on overwhelming evidence. NASA was founded by a satanist, and “nasa” is a Hebrew word for “deciever” of something like that, I forget.

      Fallen angels not needing transportation – I’m pretty sure they do need air transportation, because angels (“Messengers” is what “angels” means) cannot fly on their own. Remember the vision of the angels climbing the ladder into heaven? Ascending and descending. Plus, only Cherubim have wings, and there are not many Cherubim. Satan, as best I recall, is the only Cherub to reject Yahuah. He can probably fly.

      Kinda leaves us with demons, Linda. They can possess people. I met a woman who was probably possessed. She sure presented like she was possessed, and I saw her transform into one of those “aliens” we see in the movies and on the Internet. They’re real. Wicked. But I am still not sure that “aliens” are demons. They might actually be advanced robotic, artificially intelligent networked devices. The satan could definately make them, for sure.

      Its all so interesting, but Yahuah is King and salvation is through His Son, Yahusha. I’m satisfied and don’t need the answers to all this. Loving my neighbor as I love myself is plenty for me to do 🙂

      What do you make of all this, Linda? What is your opinion on the demons? The “aliens”? Possession – how many are possessed?

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