You Have Little Time Remaining. What Will You Do With It?


It seems forever that I have known I would see the end of the world.  Maybe not the last day, but the end of the world of a pretty big deal.  It will take some time for the end to come, because there is a process of destruction that Yahuah will follow. 

We are obviously in the midst of that process now.  Even the church preachers and youtube prophets are on board with it.  Mike From Around The World is doing two hour podcasts now, back-to-back, trying to get people to understand that the destruction is about to get in high gear.  Mike is a pretty cool operator and you will like listening to him.  You can find him on youtube/Daily Excellence.  MFATW (Mike from around the world) or MCOT, “Mike Council of Time”.  Awkward to locate but you will enjoy his work and his voice is easy to listen to.

Personally I am just living my life, hanging out with my kids, working and operating at a low hum as I wait for some catastrophic event to get the party started.  The more strength Russia gathers, the greater likelihood for payback for Biden destroying NordStream 2.  There is going to be hell to pay for doing that, and the fool Biden stated in a video recorded event that he intended to destroy that pipeline.

Banks are starting to fail.  Silver is pretty cheap right now so instead of putting cash in the bank, consider silver and gold that you can order online, ship to your address and hide.  Guns and ammunition and some spare parts and propane – all smart decisions.

Make peace with any grouchy neighbors you have, because you are stronger together than you are apart.  Remember that Yahusha said He did not come to bring peace, but conflict.  Civil war kind of conflict, because “brother will betray brother, even unto death.”

Follow that up with the vision I had in 2004/5 (I lost the hard drive (died) that had my notes in it) of the flaming sword and the voice of Yahuah “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous“.

So its going to be almost the most dangerous time in the history of the world.  Noah’s time, considering the casualty rate, was probably worse, and all those people died in just a few weeks.

Still, I am co complacent about this time.  Really comfortable and if I die today that is just fine with me.  When you do everything you can do, when you warn and warn and warn, and when you prepare and love Yahuah with all your heart, mind and strength, there is little else to do.  So I hang out with my kids, attend Shabbat services on the Sabbath day, read my Bible, watch movies and eat popcorn.

Weird.  I was so fired up and ready for the battle until recently.  After the vaxx revelations and the constant, relentless exposure of massive criminal conduct at every level throughout the world, I fully understood that Yahuah is dealing with this because no one is even going to court, much less jail.

You know who went to jail?  The J6 protestors.  Should they be in jail?  Absolutely not.  Or ok, maybe for a week or two.

There is no political solution for the world, friends.  There is NO POLITICAL SOLUTION for the world.  It’s going to be war when Yahuah allows it.  There will be local famine when He allows it.  Prep for it.

Or not.  Starving to death is a hard way to go, but after a few days you aren’t hungry any more.  But the Word teaches us that the children of Yahuah will never starve.  They will always have bread.  If you walk in the Way you will not starve.  In fact, you might not endure much hardship at all of the Bozrah Deliverance hypothesis is correct.  If you haven’t studied that, read it.

Make some coffee or tea, cut yourself some pie and settle in to read the Bozrah Deliverance.  Fascinating.

If you are Natsarim, continue to guard the Words.  If you are Christian, start here: The Truth.  If you are Muslim: start here, then go here.

Look, we know we have enemies, and Satan is their leader.  The banks are failing, food production is being destroyed, water is drying up, war is blooming, corruption is everywhere and there is no justice nor calls for peace or stability.  Everything is failing and soon the anti-christ will step forward with his “solutions for peace and safety” and the world will praise his name.

The Natsarim will stand up and speak the truth and the world will hate them and kill them.  The “Christians” will surrender by the millions, take the mark and worship the beast and still there will be wars and famine and disease and millions and millions more will die.


Likely to be nuked on both coasts, Houston and the oil processing facilities destroyed.  Dams blown up.  Riots.  Fires.  Rampaging thugs burning cities to the ground.  Foreigners forming huge gangs of Mexican illegals and Chinese interlopers, plus Russian military leadership and Chinese foot soldiers fighting Americans.  We might not have a nuclear answer for their nuclear strikes against America.

Love your families.  Let go of any fear or worry or doubt.  We will all become pretty good servants of one another.  We will lose weight – for free!  The old (clothes) will become new (fit) again.  We will spend more time outdoors.  No more digital brain fog.  So seriously friends, do not get worked up about this stuff.  You can’t stop any of it because Yahuah ordained this end long, long ago.  Are you greater than He?  And since He is willing to fight the wicked, let’s let Him do that.

Do enjoy the days you have remaining.  Do the things you always wanted to do.  Most of all, love.  Don’t hold back.  Speak kindly to all people.  Make people laugh.  Show people you care.  Hear them when they are sorrowful.  Encourage the frightened.  Call each of them to Yahusha.  Ask them if they are saved.  They want to hear, I promise you.  We cannot become mute in these last days.  All we have to offer is our testimony and our time to save a dying world.

So pull your lamp from under that bushel.  Dig up your one talent and invest it in saving lost souls.  That is the most valuable thing you can do from now until the day you look Yahuah directly upon His throne.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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Wenzel Schenker
Wenzel Schenker
8 months ago

We read all your post, my husband and I. We thank you very much for your effort.
We pray for you also as many others, especially the Remnant. I know our time is short to be able to access this information, but thank Yahuah for you.

Welcome To The War
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