Yes, The US Government Is Considering Licensing Your Blood

The rise of the Beast System is making me a bit angrier than I anticipated.  Seeing my own country fall into the anti-christ traps and snares is frustrating.  What prompted this post is Dr. “Papers Please” Anthony Fauci, a pal and board member/director of Bill Gates foundation.  Gates, as you might know, wants to tag everyone. Dr. “Papers Please” Anthony Fauci said yesterday that yes…

“I mean, it’s one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are and not,” he said. “This is something that’s being discussed. I think it might actually have some merit, under certain circumstances.”

And yes, the government will require you to be tested and tagged before you can get a job.  Its inevitable, and yes, that very thing is in play in D.C.

“Like the ‘chickenpox parties’ of old, some workers will want to get infected,” I. Glenn Cohen, a bioethics expert at Harvard Law School, told Bloomberg. “That sounds crazy, but if having the antibodies becomes the cost of entering the job market and thus feeding your family, there may be workers who feel pressured into it.”

Let’s read that again, please.

but if having the antibodies becomes the cost of entering the job market and thus feeding your family, there may be workers who feel pressured into it.”

And so it begins.  If you want a job, if you want to feed your family, you will be required to take the injection.  Forced government injections or you can starve to death or live off whatever unemployment scheme they come up with as a pressure release valve.

Allison Hoffman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who specializes in health-care law. “From a policy perspective, it’s not especially worrisome if the rest of the population has good unemployment coverage,” she said. “It would speed economic rebuilding, which I think everyone would want, whether employed or not.”

Link to offsite article

Hoffman means that those who are denied work because they refused the forced injection might be offered unemployment money.  This pittance will be offered purely because they don’t want a civil war, which they will almost surely get anyway.

It depends on the spine or backbone of the neighbors we all have, though.  My wife participates in one of those Facebook local group things, where everyone who wants to can belong to a single FBook group and gossip about one another. My wife doesn’t chit chat, but she does tell me what’s going on in that group.

My wife told me yesterday as we drove around breathing air and exhaling our deadly lung gasses that several members of that FBook group were continually complaining about people “being outdoors”.  Being outdoors is good, as any common rock or toad will tell you.

People are frightened, certainly.  The main stream lying media has done its best to accomplish that, but the high number of people who just toe the media line is sad.  Most are non-thinkers who lack the education or intelligence to look into matters themselves. It also requires some guts to closely investigate things, because very quickly one discovers that the lies are huge, and the deception is global.

When one realizes or accepts the truth, then it is decision time, which stops most people.  Very few people will actually fight for anything.  Most males today are not men at all.  They want to be a man, they look like a man, but the whole idea of fighting, killing and dying for liberty or justice is just crazy.

Women are weaker even than men, in general.  Women are so conformist that most actually look around and take an internal survey to evaluate just how much like other women they are.  Deviation from her perceived (and preferred) ‘norm’ is uncomfortable.  Being ‘different’ is seen by her as a bad thing.

But conformity with the world is death.

Peer pressure, influenced by mass media, makes the go-along-to-get-along people willing to look for the easiest path to take, which is never fighting and always submission.  Most of my neighbors are the ‘kneel and submit’ sub-species.  They will hate me and hate others like me, because we make them face their own cowardice, which they hatefully justify.

Most “Christians” will take the mark.  Most “Christians” will be the loudest in condemning those who resist Satan.  “Its only a vaccine”, they will whimper.  “Its just one piece of paper, dude” they will stammer.

Beware the 501(c)-3 churches and pastors.

Ask your pastor if your church is a 501(C)3 organization.  He will know for sure.  If he says he does not know, doubt that he is telling you the truth.  Check the church website. If government policy is to force injections, your pastor will be legally forbidden from speaking against it if your church is a 501(C)3 organization.

It is certainly true that medical shots are not sinful.  But being hoodwinked into a blood licensing scheme, whereby you must pass their blood test in order to have a license to work is a satanic control method to establish that the government has the right and the obligation to exclude the non-compliant.

As surely as you live and breathe, MORE “biological threats” are already lined up and ready to go.  And then, people will line up for their mysteriously quick vaccine solution.

How will they explain their rapid new solution?  By selling the lie that they

“learned from the previous ‘virus’.  Using artificial intelligence (how magic is that!) and computer modeling we are learning how to very quickly put forward a good, if sometimes imperfect solution.  This saves lives and lets us continue to keep the economy going.”

I agree that there certainly are times when extreme measures must be taken in order to preserve life, and tough decisions must be made.  But common sense, not fear, must prevail.

If the government wants to require what essentially is a license to work, well folks, that’s a bright arterial red line.  If they can pull this off one time, they will surely do it again, making a whole series of government injections a requirement if you want to eat.  To make the situation even more dire, some group decided to burn down the global economy.  I guarantee you that by the end of this year (2020) you will be faced with situations you never in your life imagined you would face.  Hard situations.  Situations that shake you to your very soul.  It is time NOW to choose Righteousness through obedience to the commands of Yahusha and His Father, Yahuah.

If you want life, choose life.  Yahusha is The Way, The truth, and The LIFE.  No one goes to Yahuah except THROUGH Yahusha.

How do you do that?  By accepting Yahusha as your savior; that He is Truth; that He is the Way; that He is the crucified and risen Son of Yahuah, and proving your faith through obedience to His teachings.  Only then will you live.  All other paths lead to eternal fire and a death of separation form Yahuah forever.

I will tell you here in writing that I will not be forced to take their injections, and any attempt to force me to take them will be met with equal and determined force from me.  If the government of the United States wants to make my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness contingent on the governments blood licensing requirements, I will take action to inflict cost on human beings who seek to create, deploy or enforce such a requirement at any level.

You who serve satan – be prepared to meet him.

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Janis Moller
Janis Moller
4 years ago

Hi Jerry
This is a great information…it can save lives. There is also only a remnant that will listen and be saved from the claws of the evil doers. We have to save those who still can be saved.
I have a question: How will you fight those who want to force you to take the vaccine?

Welcome To The War
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