Would You Tell Others If You Knew What Tomorrow Brings?

How much would it benefit a person to know the future, in terms of the end of days? If you could know what the next two years are bringing, would that genuinely benefit you? Would you tell others? Would you tell your children, or your parents?

My heart is heavy.

Be content in these and coming days.  Do what you can to prepare for sudden and extreme hardship.  Pray that it does not come in winter.  Store food.  Food and clean water.  You will need good, sturdy boots, men and women.

There is so much more to say and do, but none of it will forestall the future.  The future is settling down upon us like a late-winter fog. You can be filled with joy during the troubles.  You can live in peace during the conflict.

The most valuable thing you can posses is a living relationship with Ani, the Lord God, I AM.  Have that, and nothing else matters.  Nothing else.  He is everything.  He is right here.  He loves, He knows, He comes.  He will establish perfect Righteousness on this earth.  Many of you will see it, will live in it, will reign with Yahusha as He governs this world for 1000 years.

You will live in His peace, which we have very seldom experienced in this human existence.  But it is available.  He gives it.  His peace comes from His love, which is alive.  That is how we know we are His – His love manifests within us because His Son manifests Himself within us.  His son manifests Himself within us when Ani, the Lord God, I AM loves us, and Ani loves us when we obey the commands of Yahusha.  Yahusha said so Himself –

“If you love me, obey my commands, and if you obey my commands, my Father in heaven will love you and I will manifest myself within you.”

What did Jesus say?

Love Ani with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

And next?

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.  

And then?

“This sums up the Law and the prophets.”

I love you.  I care.  it is His love manifested within me that gives me the ability to love.  I know many of you are afraid, but you can live in peace and unafraid if you are His.  Follow the path of Jesus.  Obey the commands of Ani, the Lord God, I AM.  Love Him with all your heart.  Read His Word and take it to heart.  Let go of what you think you know and let the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Ani Himself teach you what His Word means.  He will do it.

Let go of your fear.  There is no profit for you in fear.

Life is for the living, not so for the dead.  Do not be among the walking dead, the lost whose souls are not alive.  The children of Ani are the light for the dying world.  Be His lamp.  Shine.  Love your neighbors.  Love your wicked family members.  Never cease praying for them.  Pray for them, especially those you love who are so torn up inside.  The Lord God will hear, and He will respond.  He sees and knows all things.  He will provide.

Be brave.  You are the victor.  YOU are the victor.


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