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Are you fretting about the tribulation?  Do you spend any time at all pondering the rapture/no rapture argument?  Here is a big one: Do you wonder if you are actually saved?

If you are saved, then when Yahusha says “do not fear”, you sin, because fearing when we are instructed not to fear is a violation of an actual command.  Will you go to hell for it?  Would Yahusha send anyone to hell for worrying?

Yahuah: “You committed murder and rejected my Son.  Therefore you are condemned to hell for eternity.”

Yahuah: “You denied my Son all your life.  It matters not that you were one of the best people on earth.  You are condemned to burn forever.”

Yahuah: “You worried too much about matters you did not understand, therefore you denied my Son’s command not to worry.  Away with you, you wicked worrier.”

No, Yahuah will never condemn a weak-in-faith worrier to hell.

The key is relationship.  Do you have a daily abiding love for Yahuah?  Do you believe Him?  If you believe Yahuah, you seek out His instructions and abide in them.  Will you obey all of His commands?  No, you do not.  Do you ignore some of His commands?  If you do, you might question your relationship because if you ignore a command from one you call “God’, maybe He is not actually your God.

On the other hand, if you do want to obey Him but occasionally violate His commands through ignorance, then maybe you just need to study and pray more so you can do better.

It is human to worry.  Look at Yahusha.  He didn’t want up on that cross, and that is proven when He prayed the night He was arrested.  He did not want to be crucified, but He obeyed anyway.  He was the good Son.  He followed through because He spent His life in the scrolls, and He knew all of them word for word.

Yahusha was both human and God.  The human part of Him shouted “Why have You forsaken me?” when He was hung on the cross.  Very human response.  The most human thing Yahusha ever did if you ask me.

Remember when Lazarus died, and Yahusha wept?  He wept not because Lazarus died, but because He was going to bring him back knowing that the Pharisees were going to hunt Lazarus down and kill him.  They had to kill that testimony, you see.

Look into it.

John 12:10 – “So the chief priests made plans to kill Lazarus as well,”

Imagine being in heaven and being told that you had to go back in order to be killed.  Lazarus was probably fine with that.  He would have been sent back by Yahuah Himself, which is something he would have been pleased to do. Not because he wanted to abandon Heaven, but because it was something Yahuah Himself instructed.

A command, you see.  A purpose.

Reviewing today’s news, I find that the world is in increasing turmoil.  It is simply madness, the twists and turns that this world is making, and it will get worse.  Much worse.

Do you worry about that?


If you do not fear, you are fear-less.

Bear in mind that most of our “leaders” are lost.  Being lost, they are easy prey for the adversary we often call “Satan”.  They fall for all kinds of false doctrines.  Being lost and subsequently being their own god, they think that by submitting to greater powers, they will work themselves up in the command hierarchy.  The more these lost souls submit to Satan, the more power in this world they accrue.  But every step up in the world puts them deeper in the hole that they are unwittingly digging for themselves.

Therefore, do not be surprised when they make stupid decisions.  They will make plenty of bad choices, and those choices will impact your life.  Expect to see more stupidity and expect to be bothered by it.  But try to be fear-less.  Ask Yahuah to set you free from fear and doubt.  He will.


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