World-Wide Record High Temperatures, No Rain And Enough Fires Planet-Wide To Incinerate The Earth. Welcome To Monday.


It is so hot in England that the runways for their military aircraft are soft enough to prevent planes from landing or taking off.  Yes, that is correct – the Brits cannot get warplanes off the ground because they built their runways to be functional in comfy weather only.  The payback for stupidity is this – only 5 percent of British homes have air conditioning and the temps around the ‘hood this week are in the low 100’s.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is misery.  Have you ever tried to go to sleep so hot that your sweat was forming in the pools of your closed eyes, or dripping off the back of your neck?

Perhaps even more importantly, the whole earth is on fire.  All this heat, and as I said it is record-breaking heat, means that the soil is probably going to change and become less capable of nourishing plant life including food that you eat.  Take a look…

She does say “no impact on any military operation today“.  Of course she does.  We all would.  No one wants to confess that they must have better weather in order to wage war, especially when they have already started a fight with the Russians.

It will be significantly hotter this week.

Do you think chemtrails are creating this world-wide heat storm?
Are chemtrails responsible for this?x

A dangerous heatwave that has sparked wildfires across southwest Europe is set to push the mercury to new records in the U.K. and France early this week.

The U.K. Met Office forecasts 104°F (40°C) temperatures could be recorded Monday. The prior record stands at 101.66°F (38.7°C), set in 2019. Britain declared a widespread “red” heat warning days ago for the first time in history. 

Fire danger is mostly in the “extreme danger, very high and very extreme danger” category all over Europe/Russia, Spain and N. Africa.


Chinese People Are Cooking Like Glass Noodles

China Has 1,000,000,000 people sweltering in 100+ degree air.  That is the ambient shade temperature, not direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight will be absolutely brutal, to the point of killing people who cannot get out of it and cool down.

A massive heatwave has covered large swaths of China, including Shanghai, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, East China’s Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces, affecting nearly one billion people.

At least 76 national weather stations recorded high temperatures that exceeded 108 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday, according to the National Climate Center. The highest temperature recorded was 111.5 degrees Fahrenheit in Lingshou, in North China’s Hebei Province.

Highest temperature in Shanghai in its history (since 1873) a few days ago.    Hotter temps this week are anticipated.

Warmer temperatures worldwide, record-breaking high temperatures between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, or in general the middle 1/3rd of the earth.  And yes, the world is on fire.  You can reconstruct this map here:

Yes, the world is on fire. Record high temperatures world-wide, fires everywhere you look and very soon – no energy to run the air conditioning systems. Rising oceanic water levels too, apparently.

I just put this map together for you.  The red on the oceans indicates a surface temperature of around 86 degrees F or 30.o C.  Not much room for ice, and the waters around the arctic circle are not very cold, indicating a surface temp around 40 degrees F or 5 degrees C.  Fires are burning everywhere, looking like Yahuah Himself spoke them into being.

London Is Burning Down

I don’t know if this happens often, but the people who put this party together were certainly surprised…

This wave rolled over the party yesterday.  I assume that the people who set this up did not expect the waves to come crashing over the seawall on a day which saw zero cloud cover and zero storms in the dead heat of summer.

Don’t expect hurricanes to water the United States.  All that Saharan dust blowing over from Africa prevents the hurricanes from forming in the Atlantic, and Pacific hurricanes typically slide away from the continental United States.

This dust can be a real inhibitor in the development of tropical cyclones.

It’s known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL). How does this Saharan dust impact Atlantic hurricanes? The SAL is about 50 percent drier than tropical air. It is also associated with strong winds of up to 55 mph, which can increase vertical wind shear.

Since tropical cyclones need moist air and low wind shear, this dust can be a real problem for tropical storms and hurricanes to develop, therefore, we might not expect any desperately needed rain relief.  If no rain, then there will be no food produced and as we have discussed several places on, famine is coming to the industrialized West, just as it is for the rest of the planet. Remember Sri Lanka.

So what do you think?  Is this the flaming end of man’s time on earth?  Are we in the tribulation years?

Is this the blast from the horn that kills 1/3rd of the green plants on earth?
So what do you think about all this?x



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John C Constable
John C Constable
23 days ago
Do you think chemtrails are creating this world-wide heat storm?" Read more »

HAARP induced Ionosphere gapping, and HAARP induced ELF radiation creates above natural heating levels.

1 year ago

Well, down here in southern oz, its bloomin cold! I had a layer of ice on my car last week, and will probably have another layer over the next few days…
Even my little dog has buried herself under the doona.

1 year ago

Hi Jerry, have you watched the documentary “The Dimming” on Bitchute? It talks about the geoengineering going on and how they are spraying the skies with nano technology. This is causing the sun to be more intense and destroying the planet. We have been baking up here in the Sierra foothills and there is no end in sight. I hear Texas is also feeling the heat and other states as well.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

I have had recurring dreams throughout my life of being eaten alive by a wild animal. Do you have more information on that part of the fourth seal? That disco party sounds real good. 🙂

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