Will Two Billion People Really Die Within 24 Months From The Corona mRNA Injections?

Originally posted on June 24, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

If the First Seal was truly opened resulting from the Corona virus and the subsequent experimental mRNA injections, then we can definitely expect death to follow, and on a biblical scale.

If you have not watched an excellent presentation by Steve Ciocolanti analyzing the White Horse and the bow the rider carries, do so immediately, and then watch this very well spoken presentation (below) regarding the built-in kill function of the mRNA chemicals.

Based on Steve’s stunning information and his correct interpretation of the words and symbology of the White Horse of the Apocalypse, it seems apparent that the First Seal was genuinely opened.  If so, then the projections of Brother  Bugnolo might indeed be accurate and we can expect a mass die-off of the billions of people who tragically succumbed to the lie that the injection would save them.

Know this – the globalists do want to exterminate us.  They are led by Satan and the Tribulation is upon us.



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[…] know that the injections are orders of magnitude more dangerous than the virus.  I should say “so-called virus”, because to this very day no one on […]

1 year ago

Pretty terrifying prediction, I think it’s a bit harsh calling them idiots though these people have trusted the establishment for so long it’s near impossible to persuade them otherwise, full blown Stockholm syndrome.

1 year ago

Dear Jerry. That man is delightful to listen to. Delightful though he might be I understand things differently. Being Catholic is what was learned by the monk if that is his capacity in the religion but there are many aspects to consider. It is due to organised religion that people have been misled and blinded to truth. Where was the outcry from religion when Evolution was being taught in Catholic Schools? A mishmash of ridiculous ideologies drummed into the heads of infants by them. One teaching being man from monkey. By that religion it was demanded children recite “I believe in God Father Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, and in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord… etc.. but also taught God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are all one and the same god. I remember when an infant child asked how that could be and I remember how glad I was it hadn’t been me who asked although I wanted to. As children we had to repetitively pray ‘Holy Mary mother of god’ pray for us, sinners now and at the end of life Amen. This would go on for hours sometimes.

All religions have truth mixed with lies. And the greatest sin of organised religion as I see it is that none question why the Son of God came to make His Father’s name known ( John 17:4-26, Matt. 6:9.) And yet it is erased from scripture.

Perhaps it will be this winter when the billions experience the effects of their error. I am sure it doesn’t mean loss of hope because they will be resurrected. The Catholics recite the ‘Apostles Creed’., where at the end they say they believe in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. That was the reason our Saviour Yahusha came to save his people from their sins in the first century C.E. I am sure if Almighty God had not chosen the lady whom I believe was Mariam daughter of Heli to speak with me I wouldn’t see through the government and media lies today.

You and many thousands refuse to believe me.. Well if I am lying I ask that Yahuveh my God should strike me down this day. I am telling the truth. No imagining or lying. But there is something that must be done before our King Comes to save us. I must find someone who will look at the evidence I have to support this claim and must come with me to the one person who was witness who must be alive today who was spoken before I was and who received Divine Revelation.

I must have faith I will find that person. In Britain religions are so wearisome and erroneous so it is difficult to find a person to do this. I even contact and write to Government Officials. I wrote to David Cameron when he was Prime Minister also a Minister of Defense who believed what I explained to him. But he lost his job shortly after. We are so dumbed down in this Country. We are not allowed free thought I have always known them to say we lived in a Country of Free Speech. That is a monstrous lie. We are only permitted to speak what the powers that control this country permit us to speak. The least deviation from their lies is dealt with severely. That is my opinion based on how I have witnessed people even in the minutest reasoning being censored, maligned and defamed if not charged with some criminal behaviour like Julian Assange and others.

I desperately want someone to listen to me. I would like that religious man to help me but having made my views about the errors and ambiguity of the Catholic Religion known I doubt he would be inclined to listen to me or desire to help me. That is the problem with religionists as it is written there is a famine in these last days not by bread nor for water but by hearing the word of Yahu’veh God; (Amos 8:11). I have came to the conclusion all religionists hear only what they want to hear and the word of Almighty God as written and spoken in truth by Yahusha, his disciples and the Prophets. Does that mean they create they’re own truth. It seems to me they all do.

1 year ago
Reply to  June

p.s.Your question does it mean two billion could die within 24 months. It could even be within a few months when the flu season arrives. They have been injtng before they brought about the pandemic. As soon as I reached 60 I was being told to come for ‘my’ flu injection. Not ‘my’ yearly flu injection as I emphatically told them continually every year
Not only that they also insisted I should let them scan me for breast cancer. How many got breast cancer from the radiation emanating from these scans I wonder.

My daughter was told she had to have a jab to permit her to work with the public. She worked for a Pharmacy as a qualified Optometrist. She had two Francises with another colleague. By jab or no job she phoned me to say she accepted the jab. She died last April of COVID but was lame for one year with ALS Motor Neurone disease. She died on the first day of lockdown in this country. I had told her about my experience. When the was ill she read the full bible and came to the realisation as I had done that she might be the one who was limping as foretold in Micah 4:7. For her sister met her death ten years previous and she could identify with the one who is dispersed as the translation I have reads. I was told I would have to go away from where I live now and that I would be bought back, as vs 10 of Micah 4. My mother was told this also. She was told I would not return to her that her other daughter and her son would return with her in the resurrection. My mother was told I would not continue with the name she called me for I will have a new name meaning God is pleased with me. My mother recalled this just before she died and told me I no longer belonged to her because I have been bought back by Almighty God. I was told what was written in Isaiah chapter 62 also Isaiah 54:1; 66:7-9 and other scriptures. I apologise if I seem to be boasting but am I if all I am writing is true and if it is to be made known? I know and agree I am not worthy. I consider myself a foolish, unworthy woman. There are reasons our Father has chosen me as I will list below/-

(1) I was extremely ill equipped for this world having a poor education but see 1 Corinthians 5:25-31.

(2) I have been doing all I can to do as commanded of me. Just as Abraham was obedient and it was counted to him as righteousness I am searching as instructed to the best of my ability. I keep wondering if I am not providing the correct information and wonder if what I write is wrong. If it is my mistakes or those I write to.

(3). I was told I am a descendant of Aaron, Moses brother. And although no one can accept this it is written in one of the parchments found from the Dead Sea Scrolls the following/- ‘from the day the Beloved Teacher dies until the Messiah from Aaron and Israel appears….’
What needs to be understood as witness is the Messiah from Aaron and Israel that is about two births one from King David, the other from Aaron. This is what the scriptures are about. I am sorry but it is not about churches. It is about our Messiah coming first from the linage of Kings and secondly from the linage of the High Priesthood. That is what I was told when in the presence of Almighty God being spoken to by Mary or Mariam in Hebrew if I am right by my understanding. I was told my father was ill and didn’t have long to live because he had cancer. I was on holiday or vacation with my mother and another person when these biblical truths were told to me. I was told my father would tell me my genealogy before he died and he did. There is much. more to this story if you are interested please just ask and I will inform you.

It is our Father in Heaven who determines the way he will send our King and High Priest to save the world. It is not for any religiously taught persons or you or me to decide how it should be done. That is why there is a famine from hearing the word of God. Because of organised religion and complete adaptation by the teachings of persons who have sought to teach whether by perceived truth or knowingly twisting the scriptures as they did in the days of the apostles (2 Peter 3:16; Luke 24:4-47.

I was told I must find a person who will be guided by Holy Spirit as I have been and by inspired dreams. I don’t know how that is to come about because as that famine goes I would say the spiritual truth is dead in this country I live in.

I don’t have any pleasure in writing these things. Would anyone choose to write these things knowing it seems impossible for anyone to believe? Do you think I boast about things that bring humiliation and scorn upon me?

. (3)


telling them to take my name of the list

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