Will 5G Technology Trigger Nano Particles In The Vaccines To Burn Out Brain Functions?

While we wait for the next phase of the Luciferian takeover of the world, I find myself much more at ease than I ever thought I would be.  Calm.  I am not the “calm when attacked” kind of person.  I like to fight.  I get motivated and don’t wait for the other guy to punch first unless I feel particularly merciful to the dude, which I have done.  One time I let a guy slap me in the face twice, and then let him get off a Taekwondo spin-kick before I stopped his attack.

His kick was well executed and had good form.  It was high, too, coming right across my face.  But what my attacker did not take into consideration was that I was trained in American boxing and had boxed in and won tournaments.  I saw the foot lift off and come alllll the way around towards my head.  All I had to do was lean my head back about a foot and he missed completely.

Stupid man.

Stupid, because when he missed that kick, I understood that he truly intended to harm me and that had to be punished, which I did very effectively.  I didn’t want to hurt him, but nonetheless I threw him to the ground with great force and leapt upon his chest to hold him down.  Then, with his head firmly held by the ground beneath it, I hammered his eye sockets twice with two very hard-fist punches. While I was drilling my fists into his eye sockets, I wept.  My tears were running with his blood across his face.  I cried because I did not want to hurt him.

Why did he do it?  After 30-some years, I do not know.  He has never told me and I don’t really care.  He has never mentioned it (odd, right?) and never apologized, but he tried to do genuine harm to me and that had to be punished so that he would remember for life.

Point to remember – wicked people will attempt to do major harm to others for reasons known only to the wicked.  They are motivated by hate, and evil has a home in their minds.  They hate because someone exists to hate.  Not at all surprising, the man who attacked me is a shrieking Obama liberal, and a Christian.

The Injections Are For Killing

You, by now, have heard a lot about the so-called “vaccine”.  You already know that it is a chemistry that does modify human DNA and that the modifications make the humans less likely to survive, not more likely.  That is by design.  When the seasons turn chilly and we get less sunlight to produce natural vitamin D, the least healthy will start dying first, followed by many of the rest of the injected people as winter days turn dark for months.

But the injected ones who do not die from the cytokine storms that are coming to the them have another problem.  Its is proven fact that there are metal nanoparticles in the injections (vaccines start at 28:18 and nanoparticles at 50:36), at least in some of them.  Nanoparticle injections have existed for a while now, and I remember reading about them being used to target specific cancer cells years ago.

The plan to use nanometals to kill cancer cells was basically to direct the nanometals to the cancer cell site using magnets, then use an external energy source to super-heat the nanometals and burn up the cancer cells.

I am guessing that the nanoparticles have to be a certain very specific size and composition and maybe even shape and that the energy source to overheat those particles has to be of a very specific wavelength and amplitude in order to sufficiently stimulate the nanometals inside the human body.

Lets move forward to today.  We can be sure that “nanometals” exist in a wide variety of compositions these days.  They are no doubt finely tuned instruments by now.

For an energy source we should probably go ahead and conclude that 5G, which is a millimeter wave technology (think ‘microwave’ ovens) is the power source.  That is fascinating.

Listen, the thing is clear, it’s the deployment of a weapon system. Look at what we’ve seen so far. We’ve seen directives in March permitting the deployment of 5G. All the world governments are deploying this part of the weapon. The second thing is that they’re gearing up for this pseudo-vaccine – because it’s not a vaccine, it’s one part of the weapon – to be put in place, and well ahead of the two years that they were talking about. They even think the vaccine will be put in place in September.

The second thing is that they need to force the population to opt into the vaccination. There’s the media but that’s not strong enough. The thing that people regard as most important right now is the children. Their move was well planned! You’ve had obligatory vaccination since 2018, when the Macron government came in with 18 5-in-1 vaccines all containing nanoparticles. As if by accident, one part of the weapon.  These nanoparticles that they injected with the vaccines, they’re going to make use of them. So how? Once 5G has been deployed, and I stress once 5G has been deployed – they are going to transmit radiation that’s going to excite the nanoparticles that they have injected into our children for the last 3 or 4 years.

If advanced nanometals exist, and considering the many billions of dollars that DARPA has invested in nanometals we are certain that whatever the “state of the art” is in nanos, it is Made In USA to ultra-laser precise dimensions by the best reactive metals possible.

I’m typing this as my mind is also reminding me of the mad rush to get 5G installed in America and other places, such as in Wuhan China, prior to the globalists decision to begin Phase 1 – Release of Corona Virus.  And wow, did the alleged corona plandemic knock 5G news off the air.

You know, Wuhan is China’s premier city for 5G technology.  In fact, Wuhan is some kind of demonstration city for the capabilities of 5G.  –I have also read several pieces of information that strongly support the hypothesis that it is radio-wave technologies causing much of the flu-like sickness around the world, including the 1918 Spanish flu (radar invented).

5G, being Wuhan’s current crown jewel technology, just might have been chosen to showcase killing by nanometal/5G activation.

Look, every person I have seen in America who was allegedly dying from “Covid-19” died a slow death.  Days to die, not minutes.  Certainly no one falling down dead while walking down the street.

And Covid-19, if it actually exists, is a respiratory illness, not a disease of the nervous system.  Covid folks cannot breathe and generally suffocate, basically just like any other flu, and the sickly folks die first.  The mortality rate is low.  Very low.  Ridiculously low.

But the hype is off the charts.  Why?  To stampede people to the injections.  Which people?  The old, the sick, the stupid.  And if you wanted to kill off the least productive people in your population, who would you kill?  Right.  The same people.  If you got the injection, I’m sorry.  Haste makes waste.

I want to show you a video.  This video was released in China via Tik Tok as the Wuhan flu was breaking out.  People in China were scared to death.  Chinese communist media did a great job of scaring people to death, and then spreading the virus to the United States.  Allegedly.

This is key.  In the news video below you will see people dying almost instantly.  They are not dying from some respiratory virus, but are dying from a fatal attack on their brain or central nervous system.  It looks like someone flipped a “kill switch”.  These deaths are sudden, with no prior symptoms.

In my best copy of the video above, the segment at the end where the factory worker dies at his desk, he  actually walks in through the door, sits down at his desk and opens his computer to get to work and then his body locks up as if he were electrocuted, he falls from his desk screaming somewhat quietly and dies.  That copy is apparently on another computer and in storage.  A pity.  Sorry.

The gentleman who falls to the floor groaning  is not dying from the flu, folks.  His and all the other seizures in Wuhan look like a kill switch, and I am guessing that CCP Premier Xi Ping was told to try the nanometal/5G on the people in Wuhan, who no doubt had been injected with “vaccinations” several times prior to the “outbreak”.

So China gets the go-ahead to kick off the plandemic.  The nanometal/5g kill switch works, and thousands of Chinese people die, twitching and kicking on the floor.  All of them having seizures and scaring the entire world to death.


In America, we get a respiratory illness that is absolutely no worse than the flu, but because of the Chinese puppet show with people falling down dead in the street, Americans cave in to the relentless panic created by MAIN STREAM MEDIA and STAMPEDE to the needle, taking a generally fatal  injection that has been in development for 20 years.  An injection that is proven to have nanometals in it.

They must be “fully vaccinated”.  Maybe get monthly “top offs”.

The question is this: How long does it take the nanometals to migrate into the kill zones?  A month?  Two?  Three?

If I am correct, then expect the extermination of the injected to happen in stages.  Some will get the full Monty on the initial injections and will die in the fall/winter.  Their deaths will prompt additional injections for the rest of the injected people, and a percentage of those will be the lethal nanometal dose.  5G will turn on and off as needed in certain areas, acting like the angel of death and literally dropping people like flies, all over the world.

They will die at night, at work, driving, eating dinner, walking the dog, showering, eating ice cream and playing with the kids, from New York to Rhodesia, SA.

At some point the government will issue instructions that people who are “unvaxxed’ cannot buy, shop, sell, or otherwise do business with the world.  The law will order us to take the injections and get the ID, the microneedle type that can be read with a modified cell phone.  The ID will be injected into the hand or the forehead of the subject, and my bet is that the Funvax will also be injected into everyone, probably as a follow-on injection.

Funvax breaks a small area of a persons brain activity that is known to be associated with prayer and spiritual belief.  “God” will be removed from the human mind, so to speak.

Concluding –

Today it looks like the nanometal/5G injectables are the current primary goal of the globalists.  Get as many injected as quickly as possible.  Biden wants 70 percent of Americans injected by July 4th, and we are at 49% with two injections and 9 percent having one injection.  Three months after July 4th is October 4th, the beginning of cold weather and longer, darker days.  Many people will likely die from the DNA modification brought by the injections, but to boost the number of dead, expect 5G to play the major role.

Bear in mind that Elon Musk wants to beam 5G down  from his satellite train, so no place on earth will be safe from 5G radiation.

I’m sorry for the alarming information, but everyone must be warned.  Yahusha instructs that we must not worry about these things, so don’t.  Our human lives might end against our will, but immediately after that those of us who obey the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha will live forever in paradise.  We walk in the Way.

I’m going.  Come go with me.






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