Wife: Respect and Submit To Your Husband

There is a personal, direct, on-going “walk” (‘walk’ seems cliche’) with Yahuah that runs through the souls of His sons and daughters.  We feel His presence, we talk to Him and He ministers to us through His spirit.  We are, to quote the street, “‘feelin’ it, dawg”.

As a man and husband, I am keenly aware that I am commanded to love my wife as I love myself.  It is a command, not an idea or a suggestion.  Love also covers a multitude of sins, or transgressions of the law.

Some older translations

(Darby)  But *ye* also, every one of you, let each so love his own wife as himself; but as to the wife I speak that she may fear the husband.
(DRB)  Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular love for his wife as himself: And let the wife fear her husband.
(Geneva)  Therefore euery one of you, doe ye so: let euery one loue his wife, euen as himselfe, and let the wife see that shee feare her husband.

That “fear the husband” is the same as “fear Yahuah”.  Not that one lives in fear of destruction for failure, but fearful of failing to hold Him to the highest esteem, to regard Yahuah as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the ultimate, and perfect and our Master; our Elohim.  The One.

Obviously, husbands are human and we sin.  But that is totally irrelevant.  Yahuah commands you, wife, to fear your husband.  That encompasses respect, obedience, submission to and the rest.

A married woman who claims to follow Yahuah and to be saved having the testimony of Yahusha, gives the lie to her alleged “faith”  when she is disrespectful to her husband.  You single moms out there – how respectful were you to your husband, whom you swore on oath to love, honor and respect unto death?

There is a reason that wives are commanded to respect their husbands.  Being a man who despises disrespect, I personally know how empowering respect is when given by a loved wife.  I have had very respectful female employees, and I can tell you right now that I still miss a couple of them very much and regret that I was married when they worked for me.  I respect my Father and am faithful to my wife, though I do need his assistance.  A respectful woman honors Yahuah.  She proves her respect for Yahuah through her respect for her husband.  Very simple.

Yet in this world there are many sorrows, and disrespect and contempt are “what’s for breakfast” for most married men.

(Brenton)  A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband; but as a worm in wood, so a bad woman destroys her husband. Proverbs 12:4

1. Morally good; acting in conformity to the moral law; practicing the moral duties, and abstaining from vice; as a virtuous man.
2. Being in conformity to the moral or divine law; as a virtuous action; a virtuous life.

Obedience to Yahuah gives a wife virtueRespecting her husband is evidence of her virtue.  Contemptuous wives serve Satan.

People justify every sin.  Remember that when you justify sin, you also become a liar.

Yahuah straight up commands the faithful wife to respect her husband, period.  No qualifications, no “when he deserves it”, etc.  Most wives will say their husbands do not deserve respect because x, y, z., but “deserve” is not a component of obedience to Yahuah.  The wife deserves death for her disobedience in every regard, but she will plead her case to Yahuah, citing “human” or “fear” or some other shortcoming that, in her evil mind, warrants mercy.

Yes, her evil mind.  Yahusha told His disciples that they were evil, so how much more so women in 2018?

Not that she offers this needed mercy to her husband when she is commanded to respect/fear/obey/submit to him.  He inevitably wrongs her in some way: snoring, not taking the trash out, offering a solution instead of just listening, being over-weight or too thin or not popular with her girlfriends or a drab dresser or putting a Trump sticker or a Clinton sticker on his car.  Or bald or too short or not making “enough” money, or her daddy doesn’t like him, or her sister, etc.  The list is infinite.

You know, just regular life.

In her mind, he is disqualified from respect simply because.  Just because she does not feel like doing it; because she is an empowered woman and ultimately because she makes herself a god in her own eyes, just as Satan told Eve in the garden.

In the garden, Adam was foolish and obeyed his wife.  It was Eve who first turned to Satan, because Satan appeared to empower the woman with self-godhood.  Satan was convincingly seducing Eve into worshiping herself, and Adam, observing the transformation, was not about to lag behind and continue to obey the god he walked with EVERY DAY.  So when complete and willful disobedience did not immediately strike Eve dead, Adam followed his disrespectful, unfaithful, disobedient and corrupt wife into death, for death surely came.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, the chosen son of Daud (David), the king ruling from the same throne of Daud that Yahusha will Himself rule from, said the following:

Ecc 7:27  Behold, I have found this, says the Preacher, counting one by one to find out the sum,
Ecc 7:28  that my soul still seeks, but I have not found; one man among a thousand I have found, but a woman among all those I have not found.
Ecc 7:29  See, this only I have found, that God has made man upright, but they have sought out many inventions.

Lets read 7:28 again.

Solomon is looking for righteous people, people who keep the faith, who worship Yahuah, who are “straight” or “upright”.  Among all humans he has known, he estimates that maybe one man in one thousand is upright.  This does not mean perfect, as no man is perfect, but simply, and rarely, a man who, with integrity, endeavors to live as Yahuah commands.

One man in 1000 is a lot of men, roughly 3.5 million worldwide.  In a town of 10,000, ten would be enough to satisfy the stay of judgement against Sodom.  Ten upright men carries weight in the heart of Yahuah.

Yet Solomon cites that in all his life and among every woman he ever met, not one, zero, was upright.  None.  Ever.  And he never updated that observation with ‘new information’.  This is in the Word, which is inspired by Yahuah, written by the hand of the man who ruled from the same throne that Yahusha will rule from.

That’s clout.

Therefore dear sisters, your respect to your husband, respect given every moment of your life, will benefit your entire life.  Not that “benefiting you” should be the driving force, because we are servants, not self gods.  A married woman’s primary job in her relationship with her husband is to honor Yahuah, and worshiping Yahuah by respecting her husband.  If you do not, you are on the same path as Eve, with the same heart, proclaiming to all that Yahuah’s requirements do not apply to you.

As more women deign to rule via politics, #metoo, LGBTQ (or whatever that is), remember this: Disrespect for your husband breaks the nation.  Married women have a place and responsibilities that they have almost universally abandoned, choosing instead to get a job and buy a Lexus, dump their children into public school “to save some bucks”, and to raise themselves to parity with their husbands.

And down we go.

How many of you mothers have not killed your unborn child?  How many?  How many women do you personally know who have killed their unborn child?  That these babies are slaughtered is holocaust enough, but the fact that the wholesale butchering of babies is taking place WITHIN THE WOMAN speaks to the utterly Satanic motivations driving these women.

Ecc 7:29  See, this only I have found, that God has made man upright, but they have sought out many inventions.

Solomon teaches us that Yahuah made, created us to follow Him in righteous condust, BUT that we look for any excuse to do whatsoever we desire.  So how many inventions are there to justify murdering unborn children, who have no concept of lies, no concept of harming, no concept even of self; just a pure, innocent, utterly dependent child developing in a warm and almost completely dark environment, except for the occasional red light he can see as light passes across his mothers belly.

Inconvenient to have this child though.  Stands in the way of parity, of the Lexux, of the bigger house, or her modeling career, or money for other things.  So death.  Call it anything but murder.

Mister, I’m coming for you next, and no, you are not ready for me.


2 Replies to “Wife: Respect and Submit To Your Husband”

  1. You regret that you were married when they worked for you ????? I understand now why it is so hard for a wife to trust her husband and give him respect when a wife always has a sense of where her husbands brain is at and indeed where his energy is directed. Sometimes certainly not on her and definitely not on Yahuah. I am kind of appalled.

    1. Then be appalled. That is your business and not mine. You know nothing of my life, of me, or anything. A respectful woman is always more attractive to a man than a contentious, rude and disrespectful one. You are appalled? Seriously? It has ZERO to do with trust. You distrusted your husband? Ever have a husband? My mind “definitely not on Yahuah”? How would you know? HOW? Foolish, judgmental woman. All your life you have missed out. It was Sarah’s grace which gave her beauty. Marriage does not blind men to graceful, respectful women. Not is appreciating a graceful, respectful woman the equivalent of adultery. You seem afraid, controlling, bitter and jealous all at one time. But it is not too late to change 🙂 Respect your husband. Don’t respect him by your standards, but by his.

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