Why Italy Was Decimated by The Chinese Virus. Mandatory Vaccines & Bill Gates’ ID Patch. Martial Law Is Primed To Pounce.

Northern Italy is loaded to the rafters with Chinese slave laborers, who are imported by Gucci, Prada and other fashion designers.  over 100,000 Chinese slaves fly from Italy directly to Wuhan, China on a regular basis.

But there is much worse in store for the world than this planned, designed and anticipated virus.

The relationship Italy has with Wuhan, China is the primary reason Italy is seeing so many Italians die from the bioengineered virus weapon called coronavirus, or CCP Virus, or Covid-19.

The virus has a combined non-infect/survive infection rate of around 99 percent or better, so the hysteria surrounding the virus is logically unfounded. The question then is this: What is driving the relentless psycho-drama featuring this engineered biological virus weapon?

Perhaps they want to force implementation of martial law?  Pentagon Commanders were given the “Warning Order” on or about March 1st. Yes, the US government is already poised to declare martial law, and by “poised”, I mean fully organized, staffed, planned and ready to move out on a single order from the President.

Mandatory vaccines are also poised and ready to be implemented. These aren’t your grandfathers vaccines either, but are hyper-engineered “patches” that house the vaccine, delivered by sugar-based “micro-needles”, and also identify the person who is vaccinated by embedding a permanent tattoo under the skin and invisible to the naked eye.

These Bill Gates/MIT inspired and designed patches also do one other thing – they mark the vaccinated with a near-infrared subcutaneous dye that is readable by a cell phone app which identifies the person who was vaccinated, and the type of vaccine delivered, allowing that person to buy and sell and get a job, because it is a no-brainer: Employers will not hire anyone who does not have proof of vaccination against Covid-19 after this is all said and done.

Note the “Second Wave” paranoia repeated daily by news organizations world wide.

The point here is – no vaccine = no buying.

It is therefore my contention that this corona virus is specifically designed to stampede a freaked out world population into taking the “vaccine” and becoming marked.  They were planning for and hiring quarantine managers in November, one month before this Chinese virus was “accidentally released”.

Where would the most likely place for this “vaccine patch” to mark a person? It would have to be a place not normally covered by clothing, would it not? A place on the body easily readable by the cell phone scanners.

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2 years ago

All of this is true and the c-19 is not the problem the VAXX is,
As you Jerry pointed out in your Post
“The Event Is Near. It Is Time”
There are many of you, some in lands far from America, who face wickedness and ache in your hearts from it. But Yahusha knows your suffering, and He knows your love for Him. He knows you yearn for righteousness in your world, and He is right at the door. He is certain to prevail, and every Word He speaks is a promise that will by all means be kept.

Welcome To The War
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