Who Is Saved? Who Is Called? Who Will Hear? The Chosen, That Is Who. Only The Chosen, None Others


The world is about to burst into flame.  It’s going to be a conflagration unlike anything ever seen before.  Israel will eventually be absolutely destroyed.  The United States – wow – not good.  As the Word says – “The merchants of the world wept at the loss…”

That’s a financial holocaust, possibly brought on by the detonation of a single nuclear weapon in New York City.  Or Washington.

Riots? Oh yeah.  Fires.  Cities burning.  Food shortages.  Unstable fuel deliveries.  Very high costs for all things which sustain life.  The WEF demanding you to submit.  Big traction on the requirement that all be individually and uniquely marked for identification, medical and commercial purposes.

So, who will live and who will die?

This is the time which many of us expected.  It was exciting, those earlier years when we could see things shaping up into a globally governed slave system wherein Christians would be persecuted to death, famine would rule the grocery aisles, and taking the Mark would be wickedly and mercilessly enforced.

Wait until Trumps election as President, and see what nightmares are then  loosed upon the world.

Not that Trump is the cause.  He isn’t.  In fact, I expect three assassination attempts on him early in his term, with Biden and the grinning hyena Kamala Harris stirring the pot of liberal, anti-Christ rage.  She will likely be the worst.  So close to becoming President, she is furious that she lost the opportunity and somebody has to pay for that.

Not that it matters much to us, because we will have our hands full fending off the millions of unemployed, street-rioting illegals that Yahuah poured into America.  America, the champion of world-wide homosexualism, will be incinerated by the dregs of the third world and by the soul-less anti-Christs within our own culture.

We will deeply regret not fighting back strongly from the pulpit of our 501(C)3 “churches.  Not many men in the pulpit these days.  Mostly just soft handed, soft spoken gummies endeavoring to entertain, comfort, reassure and most importantly – please the board members who own his paycheck.

The police will not be able to handle the volume of criminals assaulting America.  Anglo males will be threatened by the illegals.  I expect a significant increase of violent physical assaults on Anglos as police strength falls lower and lower.

And so on and so forth.

More rot and decay, graffiti sprayed over the human minds of Americans.  Real Americans.  Actual Americans.  Those illegals?  Not Americans.  Every illegal should be shipped back, but how will that happen?  There are millions of them spread all over the United States.

I know how I would do it, but no one will ask me to do it and they would not have the stomach for my solution anyway.  Part of it would include “You walked up Mexico to get here.  Now walk back.”  Those who did not “walk back”  would pay a price for their refusal.  In a war, bad things happen. This is war.

Like I said, they don’t have the stomach for real solutions.

I thank Yahuah that I am as prepared as I am, although I’m not really prepared.  We will need the manifested mercy of God to get through this, and He is merciful.  Personally, I genuinely expect Him to look after His chosen people.

  • John 6:44  “No man can come to me, except the Father which has sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day
  • Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
  • Eph 1:4  According as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

The saved are His chosen ones.  The Jews like to think they are, but not so.  Jesus states plainly that no one comes to the Father except by Him. Here Jesus plainly states from His own mouth that He is the Way, and that no one turns to Yahuah unless that person first is specifically chosen by Yahusha.

So then it is the one on the cross who calls His sheep and they hear His voice and come.  He is the good shepherd who saves His flock.  I did not choose Yahuah.  He chose me, and I gave Him my life.  I am glad to lay it down for Him

John 14:6  Yahusha said unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me

So here we are, on the edge of the apocalypse called “the end of the world”.  Many of us are saved.  Some reading this want to be be saved.  If you want to be saved, you must ask Jesus to save you, and if you fail to surrender your heart to Him, you will never be chosen and you were destined from the beginning of all things to simply die and burn.

Such is the Authority of Yahuah.  I refused to turn from darkness for a long time in my life.  I knew that God was, but I refused His call.  Then, one night in El Paso, Texas, three decades ago, literally staring literal death in its literal eyes, I yielded forever to His call.

You do not want to reject Him, because what is waiting for you if you do reject Him is so bad that I do not have the words to describe it.  There aren’t words to describe it.  Nothing we do in an effort to describe what the place without Yahuah is like will ever be sufficient.  The death is eternal, and the evil upon you is relentless and driven by seething, consuming hatred.  “Hatred” is itself a force and is the physical spirit of death.  Not the body ceasing to function.  That physical end is not death.  There is a 2nd death which is for all who decline the Savior.

I say “physical” because on the other side of this human life, Hatred waits for those who declined the offer of life.  It is a spirit, but people do not understand spirits.  Hatred will eternally consume and destroy the lost dead.  The lost dead will eternally suffer their consumption by the entity called Hatred.

The Peace offered by Yahusha is good.  His love is good.  He knows His sheep and calls them.  If you are dealing with His call to you, RUN to HIM.  Surrender your life completely and pay whatever price you must pay to do that.  Pay any price.  ANY price.  He will reward you in time for your loss, and He will manifest Himself to you as you surrender all of you to Him.

Worth the COST.

For my friend, Dylan Hughes, who dwells this very day in Paradise, having met the Lord God Yahuah Himself, heard His voice and experienced the love of Yahusha, and the loving welcome Yahusha gave Dylan.  I am excited for Dylan and am so grateful that I will get to celebrate and shout for joy with him in Heaven when Yahuah brings me home.  Thank you, Father.  Tell Dylan we love him and will see him soon.

Dynal Hughes
Dylan Hughes, called and saved by Yahuah. Baptized ‎Saturday, ‎August ‎26, ‎2023, ‏‎10:18:15 AM
Lukas, Dylan, Michael day Dylan Baptized, 2023



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16 days ago

This is awesome, Jerry! That you got to do it is very cool. Your boys have grown up so much

karla altiero
karla altiero
18 days ago

There is a ceiling thumper below me and surveillance van outside my apartment. I slept in park walked home to bathroom past car in front of van it lit up inside and had a horn sound 3am. After I photod it it parked next to mexican household 2 doors down. I drew the person out with signs- he was mexican. after being in park feeling like torture victim mentality i slapped van w my bag- he ran out from being in there towards a house i said where do u live – he then ran into mexican household 2 doors down. book by cathy meadows-surviving and thriving as targeted individual – covert surveillance harassment gangstalking- on amazon. im 61 female. wicked country does this to truth tellers whistle blowers activists-

Welcome To The War
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