When Your Fellow Natsarim Are Arrested, Will You Take Arms To Defend Them?

Originally posted on January 1, 2020 @ 1:36 pm

I want to share a couple of things with you that you might want to carry into 2020 with you.  Its personal, and the way things are these days, it is somewhat risky to reveal too much about oneself.

As you know, I write less these days.  While there is much of Yahuah to write about, and a limitless fount of knowledge to be tapped from the Word, I find that one single thought consumes me.  That thought is this: love my neighbor.

As I am of the Way, a Natsarim, loving my neighbor is a core tenet of the Way.  Loving our neighbors can be quite difficult, though never impossible.  Yahusha, our Messiah, loved the men responsible for savagely ripping His flesh from his very bones.  He spoke to Yahuah forgiveness for those very men, while they were in the process of murdering Him.  How good is Yahusha.

Love has never been one of my strong points.  I have never been very good at the reality of loving others.  As long as energy between myself and another person was reasonably positive, then I could love.  But if that energy got negative, if I was slighted, insulted or disrespected, then my love became a whole ‘nuther substance.

My love was conditional.

But through Yahusha and the teaching of the Holy Spirit of Yahuah which dwells within me, I am practicing love.  I am loving when ordinarily I am all out of patience for loving.  This is a big advancement for me, and I will share with you why this is a big advancement shortly.

Remember when we were taught “in your anger, do not sin.”  Remember that?  Remember pondering what that meant?

Anger is not a sin.  Rejecting the commands of Yahuah is sin, and if in anger we violate His stated Will for our life, we miss the mark.  We sin.

Loving The Unloving

One person I struggle with is my own dad.  He was a cruel, angry, hostile, child-hating tyrant when I was growing up, and although he is 84 years old now, he is still a mean man.  March, 1975, I made the conscious decision not to shoot him in the head with his own deer rifle, but it was a difficult decision that even now I sometimes regret making.

And Yahuah commands me to honor him, that my days might be long in the land that He is giving me.  The Natsarim will inherit the land, mark that, and that is the Land that He will give me.  To the wandering Hebrews, it meant something else – Israel the nation.  Israel, the land of Yahuah.  Yet the Word speaks to us in our lives at any age.  One must know how to discern the truth from the Word, and the Holy Spirit will do that for anyone who asks.


I do not know how to honor my dad.  I do love him, but am finished with him.  My mother recently died after 20+ years of debilitating sickness, strokes, surguries, paraplegia and alzheimers. My dad sat across the den from her for 20+ years, bathing her, feeding her, taking her places.  A truly epic commitment that is quite special.

But I also know that he was violently abusive to her on occasion.  And I know that he needed her alive because he most feared living alone.  Now he is alone, and I hurt for him.  He lives 300 miles from me, and I rarely think of him, but I want to see him, to tell him that I love him.  I know that he does not have many days left himself, and I have always been there for him.  My mother made sure of that.  Whenever he was hurting, she would take me aside and suggest that I do one thing or another with him, and I always did.

I even offered him and his doctor the veins from my own legs for his heart surgery.  I picked up my nephew without my sisters permission to save him from a horrible life, and my sister filed kidnapping charges against me.  My dad asked me to do that, so I took off work and did that.

Another time a wicked young man shouted from across the street some wicked things to one of my sisters and my dad and I heard him.  I was 16 or 17 and lived with my parents and knew that my dad would not do anything about that young man, so I walked over to my dad (we were both outside in the driveway at the time), placed my watch and ring beside him, and walked across the street to do some business.

In that fight, I learned something about myself.  Something that I did not like for many years, and even today I do not like it.  In that fight, I did things that I never imagined doing to anyone.  The other guy was five inches taller and maybe 100 pounds heavier than me, but he was down and unconscious within two minutes of me walking in that door.  When I left, I thought I had killed him.

I have had other fights since then, and they were fierce.  Horrible things that I never want my sons to experience within themselves.  But at the same time, the ferocity that resides within me is a gift from Yahuah.  It is part of what allows me to write what I know will eventually see me arrested, tried and executed.  I do not fear them.  I fear Yahuah.

There Is A Time For War

I will tell you now that when the time comes to fight, I’m fighting.  I am well-armed, well trained, skilled in fighting and fearless taking the fight to the enemy.  Even now, it is the Holy Spirit who restrains me.  I strain against the grip of Yahuah on my neck, desperate for Him to release me into the fight.  If Yahuah allows it, I will leave no enemy alive on the battlefield.  As Yahuah commanded Daud to exterminate the enemies of Yahuah, so will I if Yahuah places me in that situation and  anoints my fight.  I hate the enemy.  You have no idea.

War is bad, no doubt.  But the hatred that the world holds for Yahuah cannot be tolerated by Yahuah much longer.  It is through the roof, reaching to the arc of the firmament.  Wickedness must be exterminated.  Let the time of Messiah come, great Father.

I encourage all of you to arm yourselves with a proper rifle, plenty of ammunition for it, and I mean in the thousands of rounds.  Optical sights, cleaning kits, one extra rifle barrel, and then expand on that.  Ladies, I am talking to you, too.

Yahusha (AKA ‘Jesus’) Defied Roman Arms Control Laws

Bear in mind that Yahusha most likely instructed His followers to arm themselves in defiance of the national/Roman disarmament law.  Rome ruled Jerusalem and Israel, and I found Roman law that specifically forbid the Jews by name from owning weapons or serving in the military.

Honorius’ laws about the aurum coronarium were roughly contemporary with his important edicts excluding the Jews from military and court functions. The first of these was promulgated in 404: We decree that Jews and Samaritans, who are deluding themselves with the privileges of imperial executive office, are to be deprived of all military and court rank.186 This law seems to have been operative when Jerome wrote his Commentary on Isaiah, 408-410, for he shows clearly that Jews could not bear arms or become soldiers at that time: Nor is it remarkable that all fighting qualities have perished among the Jews, for they are not allowed to serve in the ranks with the sword or bear arms.187 http://vlib.iue.it/carrie/texts/carrie_books/seaver/text.html

The quote refers to year 404, well after Yahusha ascended into heaven, but an even stiffer Roman Codex prohibition was applied to “renegade provinces”, and Israel was nothing if not a renegade province In Yahusha’s time. Those in renegade provinces could not carry, own, sell, manufacture, trade or possess weapons. Certainly the Romans would have mandated that the Jews disarm, because the Jews were constantly rebelling.  Swords are easy to hide and easy to carry concealed.

Do not use secular anti-gun law as your excuse for disobedience to Yahusha.

Look, there is no reason to meekly go to slaughter.  Yahusha did that and when He returns He will conquer the entire world.  Tremendous warfare is coming.  Great tumult, confusion, fear, hatred, poverty and hunger.  Obtain a military grade carbine such as an AR-15 or AK-47 type of weapon and learn how to use it.  Learn how to shoot it.  Start getting in shape.  Join some kind of local MMA club and folks, I’m gray as Moses and 62 years old and I do everything I am urging you to do.

You might say to yourself “I don’t mind dying for my belief.  Let them go ahead and execute me and get it over with.”  Sure, I totally understand that, but what does Yahuah say about that?

Leviticus 19:16 – (ISV*)  Social Responsibility ¶ You are not to go around slandering your people. You are not to stand idle [The Heb. lacks idle] when your neighbors life is at stake. [Lit. stand on the blood of your neighbor] I am the Lord.

I reviewed around 20 different bibles on the Leviticus scripture, and even came across some Judiac/Talmudic (Jewish Rabbinical anti-christ filth), and the Jewish teaching is the same:

You shall not stand by [the shedding of] your fellow’s blood. [I.e., do not stand by,] watching your fellow’s death, when you are able to save him; for example, if he is drowning in the river or if a wild beast or robbers come upon him. — [Torath Kohanim 19:41; Talmud, Sanhedrin 73a]” https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/507002/jewish/What-Does-Judaism-Say-About-Gun-Control.htm

The point is that we are commanded by Yahuah to defend our neighbors lives.  How will you defend your fellow Natsarim if you refuse to obey Yahuahs’s command to arm yourself?  In fact, because we know with certainty that the Red Dragon will come for the Natasrim, and because we are commanded to defend our neighbor, we can be equally certain that we will be fighting.  We are not called to be slaughtered like sheep.  Yahusha did not come to bring peace, but a sword.  Remember when He said that? And He certainly knew what a sword was, didn’t He?  So did his disciples.  No confusion.  He came to bring a sword.

Even in my vision it was a sword coming, not a dove.

If you live in a kingdom where your government has disarmed you, then break their laws and obtain weapons.  Be discrete.  Harmless as a dove – wise as a serpent.  When Yahusha commanded His followers to arm themselves, Israel was under Roman rule.  Rome always disarmed the populations of renegade provinces, and no province was more renegade than Israel.  Therefore, it is almost certain that no Hebrew was allowed to carry a sword, or to transport one, or to make one, or to buy one or to sell one.  That is the law in the Roman Codex Maximus, which I had published until someone hacked my former site and destroyed all my backups.

Will you obey Yahusha and arm yourself, or is your god the government?

The disarmament thing is a precursor to genocide.  Government disarms good people because government has bad intent.  But again, Yahusha commands His followers to arm themselves, and don’t you argue the point.  Its like pro-abortioners saying “its an embryo” when it is in fact a human.  They argue because they want what they want.

The UN wants a controlled Internet.  China wants a controlled Internet.  Russia wants a controlled Internet.  “Control” is the objective and world government is the vehicle.  When they can control the Internet, then they can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make it look like everything is normal when in fact genocide is taking place in your neighborhood.  Facebook will continue to post under your name.  Instagram will continue to post images, new images, with you in them smiling like a Cheshire cat over your Guinness or pet poodle.  AI can create new images of you already.  Life will go on via the web when in fact genocide is burning to the ground entire counties.

An entire artificial yet duplicate reality will take over online, and no one will know it because all information will be managed.  Phone calls?  Blocked for some reason.  But guess what?  The USA’s National Security Agency records every conversation made over any phone in the USA, and maybe even the world.  They have a HUGE underground facility in Utah that does nothing but record phone calls.  Your voice can be duplicated and used to make phone calls to people you know long after you are made into protein.  No one will know that you were processed a year ago.  And in fact, when people don’t hear from you in a few months, they will just consider your absence to be routine and that eventually you will come around.  Maybe next Christmas.

So love your neighbor.  Its about loving, right after its about obedience, right after its about confessing Yahusha as Masiach.  Salvation>Obedience>Love.  The Way.



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