When You Know What To Say And Where To Say It… ?

I read a lot, and I know you know that already. A benefit of reading a lot is developing a sense for who else is reading the same information. You develop a sense for who is “listening”, and who is paying attention. And there are lots of analysts like me in the world, and most of them just want to deal in solid information pertinent to their cause or their allegiances.

When you know where to plant your seed, you know how to produce a crop.

Monday, February 14th

Next Day….

Tuesday, February 15th

So be mindful of your words.



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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
3 months ago

Excellent post.

The Radical Global Illuminati Elites vs. The Moderate Global Masonic Elites, correct?

All nation-states have failed – borders are now insignificant. A global digital currency being framed and implemented under the guise of COVID-19. 5G and 6G technologies being implemented world-wide. Human 2.0 or Transhumanism via the mRNA injections. First Amendment wiped out by Big Government and Big Corporations and Big Pharma. The 4th Industrial Revolution transitioning workers with AI and electric transport systems and monitoring of all communications. An inverted world – what is right is wrong and vice versa. The 2030 Agenda being hastened to create chaos, war and rumors of wars, now all prior to 2025. Our sun is predicted to micro-nova sometime in the 2040s devastating our earth possibly creating another ice age and possibly wiping out humanity as we understand it.

Do we really have representative federal and state governance any more? I don’t think so. It is time to understand the reality of Yahuah’s coming judgement and understand His Law, the Torah, is our only form of government. We the People should transition to We the Natsarim.

Time is short. I feel the presence of great evil on earth. Additionally, I sense the Ruach strengthening us with the Sword of the Spirit, preparing our hearts for a fight, and giving us peace before the storm.

May Yahusha be our Messiah and may He help us engage our enemies without fear when evil will not stop us. Tribes of Yahusha gather together in prayer, lament, repent and send us into the battle with Yahuah’s angels. Refine the fire in us to live now however short in time and then send us to bleed and die with truth being communicated from our mouths. The end approaches. And forever reigns. Amen.

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