When Love Prevails, Who Do You Become?


Reading comments on certain mainstream conservative websites and comments from the lost Left this morning, I come away with a sense of the malaise that drifts among us like a chemical fog.  Although there is certainly a lot on the minds of Americans and Australians, and French, and Japanese and even more on the minds of the Poles, the Ukes, the Latvians, Moldavians, Russians and others, we still all seem to be going through the motions.  It’s as if we are puppets in a string, awaiting the next input from the puppeteer.

There is a large silence afoot in the world.  Although we understand the current crop of relentless complaining, lying, hatred, foaming-at-the-mouth ranting, it has become so common and universal as to have lost its sting.  We expect that kind of bad conduct now.  Therefore, looking beyond the noise and into the big silence, we stand waiting for the big one.

It’s coming, you know.  We all feel it, from the kneeling Muslim facing his mat to the East to the tattooed Tokyo thug to the silk-smooth high-dollar big-city preacher – billions of human beings expect “the big one”.

It will come.  In due time, it will come.

But when it comes, will it matter?

I know this: You matter.  You matter as a human being.  You matter as a person.  You matter as a woman or as a man or as a boy or a girl.  You matter as an adult or a child.  You matter whether you are a destitute, starving and uneducated Somalian or the richest rancher in Texas.  You matter.  You MATTER.  You count.

You are not invisible.  Your thoughts are not without merit.  Your opinions need to be known by others.  Your hopes are legitimate hopes, whether they reinforce good or spring from evil – you have them and they matter.  Not that they are righteous and Holy, but they exist.

The Problem We Face

Here is the problem we face:  Until we stand together and support our neighbors and love them, we are doomed.  We will not survive if we do not take care of one another, and everyone seems to have forgotten that.  Mutual support seems to be lost on the world.  Loving our neighbors is just totally blown out of the arena of acceptable behaviors.

Loving our neighbors releases pressure.  Have you noticed that?  What would happen if three neighbors approached you in a 30 day period and communicated to you that they sincerely had your best interests in mind?  What if you realized from those three visits from complete strangers who live in your vicinity that they truly did have your best interests in mind, and that you could actually count on them to always have your best interests in mind?

What if you knew that if you were hungry, those three strangers actually would share their food with you, or would teach you how to procure food from the wild, or how to grow food or store food?

What if you fell and inured yourself and couldn’t get help, and one of those strangers walked upon you and helped you up and tended to your injury and got you home and made sure you were good for the day and left, only to return later to make sure you were properly healing?

How would you feel if your neighbors loved you just as much as they love themselves?  How would your own personal level of peace respond to that love?

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