Whatever Shall We Do? The End Is Right In Front Of Us.

In life, doesn’t it seem as if everything always comes full circle?  Back to the very beginning, where the simple was truly simple and the complicated was for another time later in life?

Well, here we are – we have come full circle and there is only one primary mission for all believers now.

We need to reach out to the lost.  We need to lead people to salvation.  We need to get as many people into the ark as possible, because its raining and the water is rising.

If you have read my work here to any notable extent, than you know my heart and my mission.  You know that I fully and biblically support prepping and being prepared to use force to defend myself and others.  Force as in shooting first and best.  Force as in whatever is necessary to defend innocent lives, even against the government and the agents of the government when they operate outside the laws of God.

Listen, millions of people say they are “christians”, but they are going to hell.  Saying one is a “christian” is meaningless.  Unless one has a real and very close, personal relationship with Yahusha, one is LOST.  I have had people tell me they were “christians” because they were Texans, and “American”, and “Republican”.  These people are ignorant fools who have no relationship with Yahusha.  So DO NOT BE DECEIVED when “Christians” who “go to church” come to arrest you.  They are the deceived, the living dead.

We don’t even have a legitimate government any more.  Its a freak show and a free-for-all.  Transvestism, unbelievable election fraud, rainbow flags flown at US Embassies, Jeffery Epstein and the Lolita Express flying Bill Clinton and Bill Gates to his sex island, where no doubt human sacrifice also took place.

Abortion is the most common cause of death in America, and has been for decades.  Do you think YAHUAH will have mercy on this satanic death camp?

And the US Congress and Nancy Pelosi and Schumer and the RINO’s.  The graft and the corruption is overwhelming, and after decades of prayer it only gets worse.

Let it go.  Let this government go.  Stop supporting it.  It is your enemy.  It is your children’s enemy.  It is God’s enemy and it is Satan’s property.  It is his government and it will become a world government and satan will rule in the open.

Already the US Government has the plan in place and in writing to establish a global government by 2025.  Read the Global Governance 2025 report yourself.  It is directly from the United states Director of National Intelligence, which is working to make one world government a reality.

It is, after all, Satan’s world.  Jesus (Yahusha) said so from His own mouth.

“News” used to excite me.  Again, if you know my background and history…

But I have changed recently and that change is important.  It signifies something big.  An ending.  That is what I face, and what the world is facing.  An ending.

We do not have to look for “signs” any more.  We are in the last few years of the world.  A global government will be established.  A mark will be required to buy food.  Freedom of speech will be abolished.  Churches will be licensed.  Good people will be arrested, executed and probably used for fertilizer.

You do not have to support your anti-christ governments.  There might be a price to pay, but Ani does not expect you to give financial support to satan.  You are set free from that bondage.  Your government has made itself your enemy.  Your government hates the good and loves the wicked.  Satan rules them.  It is his world.

Live your life in peace.  Stop the pursuit of wealth.  Live marginally, on less.  Live in peace.  Love one another.  Share.  Laugh.  Look for Natsarim and when Ani puts you in front of someone seeking the Truth, share the TRUTH 🙂  The Way is the way of Truth.  Satan wants us DEAD over this simple fact: We possess Truth.  We do.  Us.  This is why Paul was executed: he practiced the Way and was charged by the Pharisees with being a heretic and a blasphemer.  The Way.  It is the strait (tight) and narrow gate.

The Way has been under direct and murderous assault from the very beginning specifically because this is the true worship of Yahuah.

We frighten the dragon.  We are stronger than the dragon.  We must be removed from the equation if the dragon is to take his throne, and as the messenger told Daniel, “When the power of the holy people is finally broken…”.

The Truth destroys satan.  He hates the Truth.  Most people do hate the Truth.  Do you?  Is the love for the Truth in you?

You need to read the links I include if you want to know the truth.  Most do not.  Most will burn.

You who follow the Way are called.  You are chosen by Yahuah and you are a special breed of cat.  The Elect.  The undeceived.

Your selection is the highest honor I know in this life, though there might be another.  With your election comes responsibility.  You are not given this for nothing.  Not for your charm or wit, not for your ability to dance 🙂

You are called to testify, and to summon the sheep.  You are not allowed to cover your lamp with a bushel.  You cannot hide yourself.  If you attempt to save your life, you risk the loss of it.  Let the reader understand.

Give up your life.  Reach out to the lost.  If they rebuke you, leave them.  Your Father will send you to better sheep.  Let the dead bury the dead, but you are called to life.  Save the lost.  Ask them “Do you know Jesus”?

Ask that question at least one time every day and like a spark becomes a flame, with repetition your one question will become a flood.  The time is now to toss your net on the right side of the boat.

One last thing.

Do not fear jail.

I was arrested one night many years ago for an outstanding warrant on a traffic ticket, which I had paid a lawyer to contest for me.  The lawyer took my money and I kept the receipts.  The lawyer never did anything, and years later I was pulled over for (get this…) changing lanes on the Interstate at midnight without using my turn signal.  Yes.  lol.

Anyway, he carted me off to jail and I met some guys and we talked and I realized that the jails are fertile ground for reaching the lost.  I never felt threatened (big jail, San Antonio, TX).

I did have to threaten to sue my attorney to get him to act, and he eventually did and cleared the matter up.  What a loser.  But do not fear jail.  We are all going to experience major disruption in our lives.  Every man, woman and child on earth will experience major disruption.  So do not fear it.


And yes, you are the coolest people I know on earth.  You are bright stars.  Now have confidence in your God 🙂

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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