What A Beautiful Blessing. How Good Is Yahuah. And In Washington, D.C., No Less…

Lots of bad news these last days, but never in my life have I seen anything out of Washington D.C as glorious and blessed as this.  Truly Yahuah is good.

Interesting to know how the Jews reacted to Trumps prayer session in the Oval Office :), and don’t get me started on “Easter“.

Yahuah will do something dramatic and will separate the righteous from the unrighteous, and we who follow the commands of Yahusha are not subject to the wrath of our Father.

Its weird for me, because I seriously want to fight this out with the NWO, yet at the same time we are called to be harmless as doves. Armed, because Yahusha commands that we be armed, but not offensively hostile, at least at first. Still, Daud (David) was a great warrior and Yahusha will rule from Daud’s throne.

So I’ll be harmless as a dove right up to the moment I choose to fight with deadly force. My family has to be safe, and my primary obligation to them is to remain with them and do my best to protect them from evil, the “provideo” part in ” is worse than an infidel” if I do not.  Satan is the primary evil, therefore to omit teaching the commands of Yahuah and salvation through Yahusha does make us infidels, showing infidelity or unfaithfulness to what we know to be true.

But you know, there no no telling which way all this will go.  The Jews want to establish their own Messiah, and soon.  The Third Temple will be created, either built or some existing structure used as  an interim Temple, which would give them time to build a new Third temple.  Then the anti-christ leader has his great reveal, and meanwhile starvation, war, famine, disease and general chaos will be the new normal.

Seriously, no matter how much we study the end-times, we will be surprised at how all this plays out.  A very interesting site you might enjoy is EndTimePilgrim.org

Great research and some very cool, little known truth in the Word.  Think “Bozrah” 🙂

If you don’t get all this “Torah” thing, its made quite clear in the Holy Bible.  In fact, Torah is the core of Biblical teaching, as even Yahusha came only to obey all of Torah, to be the only perfect man and the only man worthy of dying for the transgressions of the Law by mankind.

Now Yahusha is rewarded for His faithfulness with His throne at the right hand of Yahuah.  No one gets to Yahuah unless they first go through Yahusha.

Passover ends at sunset April 16th, 2020.



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