Well Well, What Have We Here? I’m Going To Guess It Is Cobra Venom.


Snake venom.  Spiked proteins synthesized from snake venom.  Serpent venom, and then distributed via the CDC into public water systems. 

Covid was never a “virus”.  Never.

The CDC has been on 400 target water/waste water sites around the USA since early 2021 and is expanding to over 640 sites this year.

These videos just came out this afternoon, so there is no follow-up video yet.  But don’t worry, I think I cracked the nut.

Respiratory Distress

“The venom of a king cobra is not particularly strong. But the amount of venom it can inject in a person or animal in one bite is enough to kill an elephant or 20 people. The venom causes respiratory distress and cardiac failure. This would definitely qualify as a defensive feature of this snake!


See?  I told you Covid was a hoax 🙂

And that there was no “Covid virus

And that the entire covid program was specifically to get people injected.

And now you know why.

Still think the American government deserves to survive?  What about all those doctors and school administrators demanding injections?  Do they bear ZERO burden of responsibility?  What about the mayors and the medical officials of the National Institute of Health (NIH) or the Center for Disease Control (CDC)?  All of these layers of “officials” demanding treatment for something that was not yet known outside the small circle of investors and scientists who developed it.

Did the CIA start an epidemic in Wuhan specifically to throw the dogs off the scent?  My videos of Wuhan citizens dying shows very severe, sudden-onset symptoms and rapid death, not the flu.

I never forgot these videos of Chinese dying suddenly, just as the “virus” erupted and before there were any United States illnesses.  It sure looks like the Chinese are dying from some other cause.

Pray that Yahuah will prepare you fully for the battles that are sure to develop from the most sinister breech of trust in world history.  Never before has an entire nation been poisoned by its own government and forced to be injected with more toxins as “the cure”.  All of us – black, white, red, yellow, male, female, straight, homosexual, fat, skinny, Russian, German, Anglo, Caucasian, Mexican, Japanese, Jew, Muslim, Christian, atheist or Natsarim – have a dog in this fight.  We were ALL driven to slaughter.

Jerry W. Davis


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11 months ago

This info needs to go viral

11 months ago

Hi Jerry! Read Isaiah 59:5 onward. You know what I proclaim Jerry. You cannot see what the scriptures read. No one can because of Pharasee doctoring of minds and changing words to make scripture look and sound different from what we read. However we have adequate information to identify truth. I pray I can contact a person like the ones in that video who will see that Revelation 12:5 is about a woman giving birth to a Male Child, the Son of God. There is so much proof of this in scripture and in the world. Leonardo da Vinci paintings declare the truth of the bible. However the learned masters of theological deception translate truth to lies for their own benefit because they are Satanists. They are Freemason and Jesuit con artists. I have known that for a long time. Just today I witnessed videos declaring this fact. Babylon has to be warned of the Coming Great Day of God the Almighty (Psalms 2:2 onwards.) and Revelation 16:14-16. I have been instructed to warn all… Read more »

11 months ago

Nothing would surprise me with this shower, has the programme been released yet, where do I find the stew peters network? Thanks Jerry I hope your well

11 months ago

😳 Now we know what those “watch the water” Q posts were referring to…cobra venom in the water. Wow. Thank God my family got away from city water a year and a half ago.

Welcome To The War
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