We Might Be Living Through The Opening Months Of Global Tribulation-Scale Extermination

I do not see any way we can actually prepare for what appears to be developing regarding the injections.  Information is starting to bubble up that indicates people who have received the injections are becoming manufacturers and transmitters (not shedding) if disease. 

I publish less lately because the information I read is just very bad.  After enough of that, I am at a loss as to what to say.

I will say this – Ani (God) is supreme.  The plots of the wicked will succeed to a point, but Ani is supreme and nothing can overcome His Will.  Please be very wise in your relationships.  Be careful.  Be careful.  Please do store as much food and whatever you know you will need.  If things develop as quickly as it is possible for those things to develop, re-supply will become impossible and it will seem as if it happens overnight.

This interview was on May 5th, 2021.  Pay attention.  Skip the first 13 minutes of the intro, and watch all of this.  Remember that one of the top Pfizer officials left the company and said months ago that the injections were going to sterilize many people.  

Remember – Bill Gates is a eugenicist.  He wants people dead.  I suspect that his wife is divorcing him specifically because she knows full well that Bill Gates plans to exterminate as many human beings as possible.  To get away from him, she and all of their grown/married children rented an entire island (I think last week).  She knows something that she cannot live with.

Wait for it.  The truth always comes into the light.

And folks, even the host of this video is talking of the possibility of civil war.  When the numbers generate enough heat in the surviving population, the devils running the Covid operation will shut down the Internet.  When that day comes, you better have a plan that you will act on that same day.  But even that might be too late.

Young David killed Goliath and he planned to kill Goliath’s four brothers.  King David slaughtered his enemies, every man, woman, child, dog and donkey. Yet Yahusha will rule from the throne of David, a man after God’s “own heart”.

And which gentile was the first called to salvation?  A warrior; a good one.

And what did Peter draw when Yahusha was arrested?

And why was Peter armed?

I am not saying that civil war is a certainty.  Nor am I saying that anyone should do anything more, at this time, than to be READY to fight, because in six months, there might be twenty people at your door with torches.

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1 year ago

Hi Jerry. Just wanted to say that I am warning everyone far and wide to stay clear of the lethal injection. I am now going dark but wish all the very best to you and yours and the great people who comment on this site. Cheers from Nell

1 year ago

Hi Kate. i agree with you that Dr Tenpenny is a great lady. Always praying for her and Dr Carrie Madej. Carrie is a great ambassador for truth and bravely wears the cross to show others which side of this fight she is on. Hope all is well with you. kind regards Janelle ( victoria Australia)

1 year ago
Reply to  nell

Hi Nell, nice to ‘see’ another aussie. Yes, both ladies are great ambassadors for Yeshua. Stay strong and loyal to Yahweh through Yeshua. Many blessings from SA.

1 year ago

Morning Jerry 😊 How the bloody hell are ya 😉? Haha . Sorry that’s an Aussie way of saying, that I hope all is well and that you and yours are doing ok. It’s funny isn’t it , different cultures , vernacular peculiarities, customs, traditions, yet you and I, corresponding through the end of days. It’s fascinating really. Just wanted to say Hi. Warm regards Janelle

1 year ago

Things are certainly speeding up….I have read a few articles that say the injection is a bioweapon.
Dr Tenpenny is one amazing women, we need to keep her in prayer.
And pray that repentance will cover the earth.

I somehow doubt that they will stop this, because Yah is allowing it.
We have the victory through Yeshua….IF we are sealed by the Most High, this poison/plague will not touch us. Ps 91.
Keep focused on that which is pure and good and Holy.

Stay strong and much shalom 🕎

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

You are such an inspiration….such an encouraging friend xx My relationship with my son is improving….HallaluYAH. He has been out learning new skills as part of the unemployment scheme, and has been offered a job….its been so good for him…and me! This means less time of him being home etc. So things have settled down quite a bit. He is much more respectful. Phew! As for me, I took on online Biblical Hebrew course this semester which has been excellent. I do my final exam tomorrow. But will take a break before enrolling for the next class. But yes, there are times that I feel very alone…and lonesome, this is why I must take each day as it comes, and not look ahead to tomorrow as it would overwhelm me. If our property sells, I will be totally alone….but Abba is quieting my soul….and blessing me with such peace! It brings me to tears as I think about it…I have to trust that he will provide and direct my path in the right direction, because,… Read more »

Welcome To The War
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