We Had Best Pay Attention To This

Very sobering sermon.

“In The Last Days Perilous Times Shall Come” – Charles Lawson

Be sure of your relationship with Yahuah.  Seek Him in every aspect of your life.  Be certain of your salvation.



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4 thoughts on “We Had Best Pay Attention To This”

  1. I wonder if this preacher realizes that all of thus is happening because ‘christianity ‘ has preached a ‘Torahless Jesus, and THEY have preached against the commandments of YHWH….

    This is the real reason why this is happening !

    What is happening in the ‘world’, is a refection of what the churches have done to Yahweh…

    The churches rejected Yahweh’s Authority….
    The world is rejecting authority….

    In all honesty, this is just a typical christian sermon….I did not hear him once talk about obedience to Yahweh’s Voice…
    This preacher needs to repent and teach his congregation to walk in obedience to Yahweh’s instructions.

    Stay strong and much Shalom

    1. Yeah, he is all that, and he does go on about the rapture, but the real meat of the video is the prevalence and spread of hatred for Yahuah. I hit some discussion boards on several big “news” type sites, and the anger building among so many people is alarming. Left and right – arguing and threatening. Chinese shills seeking to sow division, and they get busted for it. And Kate, gun sales in America are through the roof. On site after site – all sold out. Gun stores – sold out. Sporting goods stores – sold out. Ammunition – sold out. America is about to explode. If shooting starts somewhere, it can start everywhere. That’s why the video impacted me like it did. Listening to the rioters and haters, knowing that lots of them are now armed was really depressing to me. Last week a shipment of “auto-sears” was found in Illinois. These “auto-sears” convert semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic rifles. They were shipped to a BLM office, and were from China. Thousands of them.

      1. Omg Jerry! That is alarming to say the least. I wonder if maybe ‘china’ is the equivalent of ancient babylon/assyria and Yahweh is using them as His weapon to bring judgement? (They are just as ruthless)

        We can see the effects here as well, although no where near as volatile as over there.

        War has begun…

        If you have the living bible, read Micah 7:2-7 in it…it certainly explains todays situation very clearly.

        Trust no one …cling to Yahweh.

        1. Kate, it might be that Yahuah will use China that way, but right now, China is being wiped off the face of the earth. Seriously. China has some problems that I don’t see them reviving from any time soon. More on that coming up.

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