We Are Threatened With Lockdowns From Variants Of A NON-EXISTANT Virus

“Covid-19” does not exist.  40 governments were required to produce the proof via Freedom of Information Requests, and none of them could produce proof.  ZERO.  The only thing about Covid-19 that was actually real was the government and media-induced panic  that drove the world over the edge.

It was a plan.  A plan that had one single objective, which was to get the needle into you and get the secret sauce into your bloodstream.  Mass induced insanity.  Doctors warning expectant mothers not to drink a glass of wine, but yes do definitely be injected with an experimental DNA-modifying chemical composition which consists of secret, un-named, un-published ingredients, including graphene oxide, sometimes at concentrations exceeding 99 percent.

Insanity. Wild, rampant, state-sanctioned and media inflamed psychosis.  And they want to inject children.

I’ve been publishing the fact that there is not one single purified “Covid-19” virus available anywhere on earth for months.  Covid-19 exists ONLY as a computer model, a hodgepodge of genetic material stitched together on a COMPUTER.  There is no physical Covid virus.  I think that even yesterday I published it.  So are you sharing these posts with anyone?  Or are you just letting your friends and families swallow the lie?  Are you part of the solution or part of the deception?

If you have been reading and studying and learning here, but have not been sharing and emailing and spreading these URL’s to at least a few people every time you visit this site, then what is wrong with you?  How can you sleep at night knowing what you learn here but being too afraid to share that information with people you care about?

People are DYING by the thousands and tens of thousands from being injected with a wicked, deadly experimental and secret witches brew of graphene oxide and have you warned anyone?  Are you actively warning people every day?  Or do you wait for someone else to do it?  Do you just keep your mouth shut and your head down, much like the German people did when Hitler was burning children in incinerators.  Head down, mouth shut.







PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

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10 months ago

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