We Are So Very Set Up.

How interesting.  George Soros, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are all in business together in Moderna, the company that it is rumored to have the lead in producing a “vaccine”.  They’re partners.  


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2 thoughts on “We Are So Very Set Up.”

    1. be executed 🙂

      Lol. I don’t know. Yahusha says do not worry about tomorrow; do not worry about what you will eat or drink. So do not worry about those things. We might be wandering the roads, or living in the forest, or some other thing. It does not matter because those who follow the commands of Yahuah and have the salvation offered by Yahusha are assured of eternal life in paradise. I am personally fine with execution. I cannot wait to get out of here. I love this earth and loathe this world. Its a nasty, stinking garage dump of human depravity and I want to go HOME. But until I do go home, I keep my Bible read and my rifles clean 🙂

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