We Are In A “Stand Firm Until The End” Situation

Originally posted on October 31, 2021 @ 1:21 am

The Sabbath day.  A good day for all who walk in the Way.  As many of you know, we have chronicled the rising beast system, almost certainly a system that is governed by a burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) system, perhaps operating outside this realm or dimension after having been born using D-Wave computing technology. 

Every move by the sane and rational is countered immediately by whatever is driving the force behind the injections.  That’s what all of this is about at this time – the injections.  It is imperative to the darkness that all human life absorb whatever is in the injections.  Certainly is is not for health, because the injections will kill many more people than the alleged Covid virus actually did.

The immediacy of the AI response is brilliant.  The moves, very much like a game of chess, are happening at various places on the game board.  There was the full frontal assault of the virus release, and do not discount that we were sprayed from airplanes with some disease-causing organism,  and then the seeming random moves of the black.  Pawns, many of them in the form of mask mandates; knights in the form of big city mayors; bishops – governors; rooks – major employers; the queen – government: all operating in concert to exert maximum pressure.

But the white is holding ground.

Bear in mind that in this game, black moved first, which is against the rules.  The white was taken by surprise, first by the horror of the Chinese victims falling in the street dead from something (highly unlikely that it was covid that killed them), followed by the government welding closed the doors of Chinese apartment renters.  I watched all of that on Chinese twitter users accounts until China/USA/Twitter managed to block them.

Then the spread of “disease” in America and the world. Panic set in.  Fear.  Hysteria in many cases.  My own life was threatened in a discussion forum.  Go figure.

After some time the move/counter move sequencing leveled out.  The white caught its breath and regained its feet.  We began standing up.  We started walking out.  We removed our masks and told the mentally impaired, near sociopathic left to back off.  Last weekend I took my youngest son to Six Flags on a busy Sunday and of the thousands of people there, I counted two masks.

It was normal and it was good.

But the black has a next phase.  The momentum the black had in the beginning is waning.  Their teeth are beginning to blunt and the white is discovering their game plan.

Prepare for “what’s next”.

There will be a next.  An escalation.  A more forceful move, maybe even “originating from China”.  Why China?  Because the beast system has selected the Chinese model as the model for the future of mankind.  This is why we see communism taking root in America.  Well, partially why we see that happening.  The root of the problem for us in America is the spirit of anti-christ in the people.  Most of the people did not receive the love of the Truth when it was first offered to them.

When one does not receive the love of the Truth, one defaults to believing the lie.  There is no middle ground.  One either obeys Yahuah or serves Satan.  Most, by a large degree, serve Satan.

Yet we do not fight the black on our strength alone.  We do have a good Father who loves us and who rules all of everything.  He rules hell, even.  There is no defeating Him, as He can vanquish all of His enemies with a single thought.

But He does not do that.  Instead, he anoints those who follow Him and we fight the darkness.  My dear brother Joshua suggested to me today that we could be living in something like a simulation, whereby we face opportunities to follow Truth or to reject Truth, and yes, in very many ways our lives are exactly like a simulation.  We play until our avatar is killed or otherwise dies, and we return to the starting place.


We appear there and are either welcomed to reality or banished to hell, which is also reality.

It is pride that causes me problems.  To even consider that anyone thinks he or his team is authorized by ANY king to force me to act against my own will is anathema to me.  To submit is forbidden.  To allow them to harm another is also absolutely forbidden.

I do so want to go to war against these monsters who think that, because they own the prisons and the judges and the police, they can do whatever they “have orders” to do.  Orders from who?  A D-Wave?  From a creature in the next dimension?  Satan  himself?  The network of aliens in government and corporate positions all over the world?  The Sheriff of Nottingham? Cruella?

I see the snare tightening.  I see the concentration of those who rebel against these devils.  We are being herded.  Walk-outs were calculated into their schemes.  So is winter.  They will use winter cold to soften us up, and artificially induced high fuel prices to begin restricting our movements.  Then, more injections will be necessary to deal with whatever they release upon us next.

This is a battle that requires faith.  We must always remember that Yahusha foretold of these troubles.  We will endure hardship.  Some of us will be killed (not us, but our bodies) and it will look rather bleak for us near the end.  But do not despair, because in all of this hardship our steel will harden, our faith will grow like it has never grown before.  Our friendships will be forged in fire.  We will sing together and eat together and share what we have and we will honor GOD together, and we will prevail.  We will shine like the sun and our enemies will grind their teeth into powder in anger and we shall never see them again.

We will live in peace, and in freedom, and in love and joy and in much rejoicing we will see and praise and sing together with loud voices to honor our Great King, the ruler of all that ever was, is and will be.  And he knows each of us by name already.  He is ready, too.


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2 years ago

Blessings , Great Post

Johanna Jordan Orloff
Johanna Jordan Orloff
2 years ago

Shalom my dear brother Jerry,
Johanna here in S. Carolina. Yes, masks have lifted here it seems it is normal; however, when I ask why, it is because they feel safe, now vaccinated..I think that is why we are seeing less masks. Especially, outside they feel secure, the vaccinated placebo effect. I do not believe that a lot are waking up, I pray they do. But for now, for usins, it is nice to feel or even pretend that it is a normal day..I do that to keep my own sanity. We can enter the secret place where it is normal.
I so look forward to your postings each and ever day as we all come together knowing that what our brother “over there” is suffering, is common to man and helps us to see that ‘WE’ are in this together…the true togetherness that we rally around not some false pretense that is put out before us. Halleluhah to our King who is coming to save us from this evil crooked world.

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

Good morning, Jerry, Thank you for the excellent post. I agree with everything stated. I am not for sure how to write out the following thought other than posting it as a question. The Deep State knows an event or set of events much bigger much worse than what we have ever witnessed is coming beyond their specific control and soon; thus, what do they know well ahead of that time of event(s) that they are NOT telling us? I think the answer to this question will answer all the other questions we have regarding their chess game you defined correctly. I go back to the idea of a 12,000 year sun explosion cycle. If this is true and occurs soon, then we answer my question and this event then answers why the injections etc chess game is occurring at this point in space and time. The Deep State does not want wide-spread uncontrolled global panic assuming the globe would recognize the reality of such a global catastrophe. The Deep State wants to control things.… Read more »

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