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U.S. Army Abrams Main Battle Tanks Could Finally Be Headed To Ukraine

Currently, uncertainty surrounds which exact M1 Abrams variants or sub-variants may be earmarked for Ukraine. However, the US would likely send the previous M1A1 or M1A2 variants.

The US cleared the sale of M1A1 Abrams tanks to Poland last month, requesting to buy at least 116 Abrams tanks on top of the Abram tanks ordered in 2020. The Polish government could set aside a few tanks for Ukraine if necessary.

The Abrams tank is equipped with advanced composite armor, which offers effective defense against hostile fire and IEDs. To safeguard the crew from the possibility of the tank’s ammo exploding if the tank is destroyed, fuel and ammunition are stored in separate compartments.

The Abrams is equipped with an inbuilt computerized fire control computer that allows the gunner to engage targets by simply “pointing and shooting.” The Abrams can attack targets at great distances, day or night, and even in bad weather, thanks to this capability and a powerful sensor package.

Russia To Deploy Its ‘Most Advanced’ Armata Tanks In Ukraine For ‘Propaganda Purposes’: UK MoD

Moscow is likely to consider deploying a small number of its cutting-edge T-14 Armata main combat tanks in Ukraine, a step that could be viewed as a high-risk decision considering reports of manufacturing issues, the British MoD has claimed in its latest update.

In its January 19 intelligence update, the Ministry of Defense in London alleged that “Russia is likely considering deploying a small number of its new T-14 Armata main battle tanks in Ukraine.”

According to the ministry, the advanced T-14 tanks would be deployed in limited numbers and primarily for propaganda purposes, as Moscow is only believed to have a force of “low tens” of them.

The MoD shared a satellite image from late December that depicted a few T-14s at a training facility in southern Russia connected with pre-deployment activities for the Ukraine operation.

This came after state-owned Russian media claimed that T-14s were getting ready for deployment. It’s unknown, though, whether Russia has introduced the type in Ukraine, the MoD said.

‘Blatant Provocation’: Russia Warns Of Devastation If US Supplied M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks To Ukraine

Western media speculates that US President Joe Biden may soon announce a transfer of Abrams tanks to Kyiv amid calls for cutting-edge Western tanks in Ukraine. However, Russia has already sent a stern warning against any such adventurism.

Russian ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov warned on January 24 that transferring the Abrams tanks to Ukraine would be seen as another “blatant provocation” against Russia and that the Russian military would destroy the equipment.

“If a decision to transfer to Kyiv M1 Abrams is made, American tanks without any doubt will be destroyed as all other samples of NATO military equipment… If the United States decides to supply tanks, it will be impossible to justify such steps using arguments about ‘defensive weapons.’ This would be another blatant provocation against the Russian Federation. No one should have illusions about who is the real aggressor in the current conflict,” Antonov said, as quoted by the embassy on Telegram.

Anatoly Antonov’s warning came in response to Western media reports suggesting that the White House was inching closer to a decision to send the Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Some reports stated that up to 50 Abrams battle tanks could be delivered to Kyiv.

In addition, German publication Der Spiegel also reported on January 24 that the country has finally made up its mind to send its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine to help bolster the country’s war effort. It was earlier reported that the country was buying time and basing its decision on Washington’s decision on the Abrams.

Further, these speculations are significant as they come just days after the NATO allies failed to convince the United States and Germany at the Ramstein Air Base meeting to announce the delivery of their respective battle tanks for Ukraine.

US to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine: The “most escalatory action to date”

This week, nearly all of the major newspapers and cable news networks in the United States have reported that the Biden administration is preparing to imminently send Ukraine at least one battery of Patriot surface-to-air missiles.

     The Patriot missile system, CNN reported, is “expected to ship quickly in the coming days.”  With each battery costing over $1 billion and requiring a crew of 90 people to operate, the Patriot would become the most expensive and complex weapons system transferred to Ukraine.

Moscow War Preparations: Russia Will Declare “New Patriotic War” by NATO – “Victory Will Be Ours”

Πολεμικές προετοιμασίες στην Μόσχα: Η Ρωσία θα κηρύξει “Νέο Πατριωτικό Πόλεμο” κατά ΝΑΤΟ – “Η νίκη θα είναι δική μας, όπως το 1812 και το 1945”

Translated for you below…

Intensive war preparations are taking place in the Russian capital, Moscow, as according to Russian sources in the next few days, B. Putin. Moscow is expected to officially declare the start of a “ New Patriotic War ”.

This is shown by the statements of N. Medvedev and S. Lavrov. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the capital is preparing for a conflict with NATO.

In more detail, today Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made a resounding statement:  « We are no longer talking about a hybrid war between Russia and the West, but about almost real ».  « As for what is happening in Ukraine, we are talking about the fact that this is no longer a hybrid war, but a real one, trying to destroy anything Russian left in Ukraine.

From language to culture – which have existed there for centuries – while also forbade citizens to speak the word, Lavrov clarified his statements on the West in a press conference held after talks with Foreign Minister.

Among other things, Lavrov noted that Ukraine has adopted laws banning education in Russian, the media in Russian and laws that essentially prohibit the use of the Russian language in everyday life:

Any cultural contacts related to the Russian language are banned and all this is supported by the West. The West also supports the regular marches of neo-Nazis with swastikas, with symbols of division banned by the Dikivirgys.

Lavrov met with Nalendi Pantor’s South African counterpart in the capital, Pretoria, on a typical visit, as it is called.

Read also: NATO conflict preparations: Anti-aircraft systems in every corner of Moscow-Cream, B. Putin residence, government buildings are fortified

War Preparations In Moscow

Days after the widespread reports that Russia had installed Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft defense systems over a few basic issues, as it is now clear that Putin and the Russian leadership are preparing the people for a New Great Patriotic War, which according to Mevhthene.

Russia announced today that it was conducting anti-aircraft defense exercises in the Moscow region to protect its infrastructure in the region. « air strikes », against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine.

« Exercises were organized in the Moscow region, with the staff of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the western military, According to him, the Ministry of Defense in Russia stated.

According to the ministry, Russian soldiers who participated in ’ these high schools were trained in use « anti-aircraft missiles S-300 ».

« As they progressed, the soldiers repulsed an attack by an enemy sabotage group in a military escort », the statement continues.

« The air defense escort was able to cope with the attack and continue to fulfill its duties », The Ministry of Defense stated in relation to the 150 soldiers who participated.

In total « more than 150 soldiers and more than 30 units of weapons systems, military equipment and special equipment participated., became known from the same source, but not to clarify when these high schools took place.

Russia has launched several attacks on unmanned aerial vehicles from Ukraine, including, which is 600 kilometers deep in Russia.

Russian armed forces have announced today that they have carried out « offensive operations » in the region.

« In the direction of Zaporizhia, after aggressive operations, the units of the eastern military region were occupied, supported the Russian Ministry of Defense in a statement, without making any further details known.

See another « Pantsir-S1 » located on the roof of the Ministry of the Interior in Moscow:

Medvedev: The new Great Patriotic War – Our victory is in progress


At the same time, the Vice President of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvedev, described the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“ Well done, anyway, to this Borel ( s.s. EU official ) with the lost person. He remembered that our country had defeated Napoleon and Hitler. Note that he made an analogy.

Consequently, the Ukrainians and Western Europe are the direct heirs of those who fought with Russia.

And the war, therefore, with them a new Patriotic War.

And victory will be ours. Like in 1812 and 1945″, Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel.

As always, the 2nd popular politician in Russia says nothing by chance.

World On Brink Of WW3 Due To West Escalating, Medvedev Warns

“The world has come close to the threat of World War III due to impending US aggression against the Russian Federation,” Medvedev said in comments first reported by Sky News ArabiaHe also emphasized he sees the conflict at a point of no return. “There are no conditions for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine now, either de facto or de jure,” Medvedev said.

On the same day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov voiced something similar, saying the confrontation with NATO can no longer be seen as merely a “hybrid war” or proxy war, but is instead fast approaching a real one. He said this in a joint press conference with his South African counterpart, Naledi Pandor

Lavrov explained that this “almost real” – as he put it according to state media, was something the West “has been preparing for a long time against Russia.”

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov additionally sounded the alarm in separate Monday remarks, saying that the current rush to supply Western-made tanks to the battlefield will severely escalate the conflict. “The Ukrainian people will pay the burden of this so-called support,” he said.

Peskov also highlighted that it’s clearly creating tensions and division among allies, noting that if the tank plan proceeds, “All countries that directly or indirectly ship weapons to Ukraine are responsible for this.”

US expands military presence near Russian border

This month, the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division deployed to Europe for the first time since the Second World War as part of a major military buildup of NATO’s front line along the borders of Ukraine and Russia.

NATO members are sending “more ships, planes and troops to NATO’s eastern flank, from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south,” NATO said in a statement earlier this month.

CBS titled its profile of the deployment, “The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne is practicing for war with Russia just miles from Ukraine’s border.”

Brigadier General John Lubas, noting that nearly 5,000 troops from the 101st Airborne had joined the more than 100,000 soldiers deployed in Europe, told CBS, “This is not a training deployment, this is a combat deployment for us. We understand we need to be ready to fight tonight.”


Russia’s warship carrying Putin’s hypersonic missiles ‘simulates massive strike as it sails towards near US…


“A RUSSIAN warship armed with hypersonic missiles has been simulating a massive strike as it sails to the US coast.

The guided missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov has been closely monitored by NATO navies on its maiden voyage armed with 6,670mph Zircon weapons.

A Zircon hypersonic missile is test fired from the Admiral Gorshkov in 2021Credit: East2West

The ‘unstoppable’ missiles fly at nine times the speed of sound.

The warship is somewhere in the western Atlantic say the Russians

The warship is somewhere in the western Atlantic say the Russians

An unconfirmed Russian Telegram channel report says it was “spotted on radar in neutral waters of the Atlantic Ocean – at an effective salvo launch distance from the US coast”.

The ship has now been conducting simulated attacks using the nuclear-capable Mach 9 missiles, reports official Russian military news website Zvezda.

The computer simulation drill was carried out while the Admiral Gorshkov is in somewhere the “western Atlantic”, says the site.

An attack was carried out on an “imaginary enemy” about 600 miles away with the crew “demonstrating a high level of co-ordination”.

Russia has previously boasted the missiles are “unstoppable”.

Footage released by the Russian defence ministry shows sailors conducting drills on board the ship, though it’s unclear if it was on the current exercise.

The ship is due to take part in exercises with the navies of China and South Africa in February this year.

It comes after the Royal Navy intercepted the Gorshkov as it sailed through the English Channel earlier this month.

More recently the Russian vessel was tailed by the Portuguese navy in the Atlantic and was expected to sail round Africa.

But radar monitoring sites suggest the Gorshkov made an unexpected diversion.

One report said it had separated from its escort tanker ship Kama in the Bay of Biscay and headed west.

The Kama continued its routing to the south, passing the Azores.

The missile frigate was tracked to 800 miles west of the Portuguese island of Flores in the Azores, suggested ItaMilRadar.

At this distance it would not yet be in range of the US for its deadly Zircons.

The frigate is also carrying Kalibr missiles, a type used in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin hailed it as “an important, if not momentous, event” when the vessel embarked from Arctic naval base Severomorsk on January 4.

He made clear this mission was intended as a show of strength to the West.

And he boasted Nato could not match his “latest generation” of hypersonic firepower.

The Zircon “has no equivalent in any country in the world”, he said.

Putin went on: “I am sure that such a powerful weapon will allow us to reliably protect Russia from potential external threats and help ensure our country’s national interests.”

Moscow has boasted that the Gorshkov is “the most dangerous enemy of surface ships in the world’s oceans” now it is armed with the new hypersonic missile.

Last year, the Zircon was test fired from the Admiral Gorshkov in the Barents Sea and hit a target 625 miles away in the White Sea.

The frigate’s captain Igor Krokhmal has said previously: “No one will see the missile launch or its flight.

“They will only see when the missile hits the target.

“A surface target, a coastal target. I don’t think there will be anything to counter this in the next few years.”

The cutting-edge frigate Gorshkov was due to sail to the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean on this mission.

Next month it was expected to take part in exercises with the Chinese and South African navies near the ports of Durban and Richards Bay.

Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Portland shadowed the Russian warship and accompanying tanker Kama as they sailed close to the UK on January 11.

Earlier the Norwegian navy paid close attention to Putin’s hypersonic mission.

A Zircon hypersonic missile is test fired from the Admiral Gorshkov in 2021

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