War Is In The House. The Globalists Are All In On The Gutting Of America. When Washington States That You Are A Domestic Terrorist, They Intend To Shoot You.


“Push has come to shove”, as many of us have heard in our lifetimes regarding a fight of one kind or another, and now the specially selected US government personnel in Washington D.C. are specifically targeting Anglos, especially Anglo males and particularly Anglo males who are fighters for the Truth, who fight for the U.S. Constitution, who own and read the Holy Bible, who own firearms and are veterans.

If you fit into all of those criteria, you sir officially have a great big target on your back and the “government” of the United States does fully intend to put an end to your “terrorism”.  They say so, not me.

One year ago Dept. Homeland Security considers you a genuine terrorist.  They are tracking individuals online, over cell towers and through messaging/email contacts for sure.

One year later, this month – September 2022 – DHS is still beating the war drum against actual thinking, aware, dedicated Americans.

Joseph Biden, whom the world knows was inserted into power via fraudulent “votes” perpetrated by the DNC makes a speech this very month demanding that opposing views be red-flags identifying enemies of the state.  War against Americans who demand the truth, who demand integrity and demand adherence to the United States Constitution.

Tucker Carlson soberly states that Joseph Biden is “crazy”, and he is.  Mr. Carlson is visibly disturbed by what Biden said, but this is why Biden was selected to be fraudulently inserted into office by carefully planned and executed voter fraud in 2020.  He is a tool, nothing more.  His job is to wreck America using deadly force if necessary.

Watch this short 2-minute excerpt.

If you need to hear the whole speech again, and you do, the video below is a good copy that includes about four total minutes of Jimmy Dore, a comedian with a headful of common sense.  He starts out with the howling dogs of the Left screaming in 2016 that Trump was “fraudulently elected”, a “bloodless coup”, a “Russian collusion”, and this from major ‘news’ personalities, proving as always that the “Left” is the very definition of hypocritical. 

The liberal infrastructure in America must be destroyed, whatever the cost.

Watch Biden’s scripted-by-communists speech again in its entirety and listen to Mr. Dore’s comments.  You need this forefront in your mind today.  Pay attention.  This is real and not political theater.

We have anticipated these days for many, many years.  This is no sudden surprise.  We are fully informed.  This is real, and we will stand.  I challenge all of you to prepare for the fight.  We will not live forever, and we were chosen by GOD Himself, the almighty Yahuah, to be here, to be aware, to have His Spirit within us at this specific time.  He is strong, and we serve HIM by abiding in His Truth.

The demons endeavor to shove their homosexualism, their corruption, their anti-Christ secular theology down our throats using a 2-by-4 board and a sledge hammer.

We reject the ideology of Satan, and we condemn his sycophants.  The minions of Satan have, in their hatred of Truth, chosen certain destruction and the fire of hell burns hot in anticipation of their arrival.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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karla altiero
karla altiero
1 year ago

Yt E511 ministries did video beware of the reawaking tours not to put faith in any man because this is white occult end times deception. Insider who worked for B and C reveals truth about 9/11 and the Plan. Bushes/Clintons/ Obama. Its at f o r b i d d e n k n o w l e d g e t v dot n e t .

no no no
no no no
1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

Billy Carson is an obvious freemason. He also pushes occult and new age nonsense.

DJT (Hillary’s cousin, same “royal” bloodline) is a Jesuit-trained mason, and both sides of the media are under Jesuit control.

People can’t even fight disinformation if they can’t identify controlled opposition puppets.

Welcome To The War
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