War Before Submission: Ronald McDonald House EVICTS 5 Yr Old With Leukemia. Why? He Is Uninjected.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but the managers and leaders of businesses and organizations in America are the most revoltingly ignorant, cowardly, non-thinking gutless losers ever assembled in the history of mankind.  It is no wonder that products are cheap and shoddy.  No wonder that grocery store shelves are rapidly becoming dusty and empty.  No wonder that food availability and reasonable cost are vanishing.

Worst of all is their spineless insistence that all living human beings be required to submit to the injections.  These injections that DO NOT prevent disease, they DO NOT slow the spread of disease, and DO NOT strengthen the immune systems of the fools who submit.  The INJECTIONS are NOT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.  Do you understand that?

Now right to the point – Ronald McDonald House is a charity operation that helps children who are terminally ill or otherwise seriously at risk of crippling disease or death.  Ronald McDonald House has been highly regarded for many years as a real blessing for the families of sick or injured children.

But NOW, Ronald McDonald House demands that small children be injected with a concoction that every thinking person on the planet knows is dangerous and destructive.  A concoction that DOES NOT do what it is advertised as doing.  A concoction that IS NOT SAFE nor is it EFFECTIVE.  In fact, it kills and cripples people on a broader scale than all injections before it COMBINED and even harms more injected people than the very so-called “disease” the drug companies claim to stand against.


Forward this to any business leader you know.  Forward this to city councils, school boards, churches and any other identifiable group you can think of.  The insanity MUST END.  War will absolutely come from their continued insistence that we become stupefied.  We will NEVER submit to these lies, and we all know that Satan is the father of lies.  Therefore, he is absolutely the driver for these injections.

War before submission.  Guaranteed.


PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

4 thoughts on “War Before Submission: Ronald McDonald House EVICTS 5 Yr Old With Leukemia. Why? He Is Uninjected.”

  1. These people enforcing this insanity have lost their humanity. They are like mindless robots with no soul. I guess their jobs are more important than their eternal souls. Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing.

  2. The corporate side of the two headed snake that wants humans to be converted into the transhuman model for the implementation of the digital matrix.

    1. The business integration at the top is what makes the current fascism work. They are going to reduce availability in order to standardize on more basic, less costly design offered by a dwindling field of manufacturers. Less competitive, fewer options for the consumers and presto – profits go up because there is nothing else on the shelf. Higher profits translate into stronger stock valuation with subsequent higher bonuses for the CEOs. Its collusion and price fixing and bribery, all rolled into one World Economic system. Toss in vaxx ID’s and a federal crypto coin and the level of control will be complete. And with the genetically pure assigned to work camps, costs drop even further. This might explain why large corporations are so keen to force the injections. Australia, too. They want to be seen as “team players” and hoping to glom onto some of that forced labor, which will give them Chinese-level low production costs and even bigger bonuses/bribes.

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