Walking in The WAY.  It is the path of life, and the way of the Natsarim. 

Originally posted on July 25, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

The Way is what the believers in the time of Peter and Paul called their “religion”. In the Way, the non-Hebrew faithful (other nations) were instructed by Paul in Torah and in salvation through the Messiah, Jesus.  Yahusha.  That is the Way and this video is richly informative for you. 

The way to what?  To Salvation.  First, believing on Yahusha, that He was and is who He said He is.  But mere acceptance that He “was and is” is not salvation.  Remember that Yahusha (Jesus) said with His own lips that “whoever keeps my commands, he My Father in Heaven will love, and if my Father loves Him, I will manifest myself within him.”

“Believing” is proven by obedience to the commands of Yahuah.  If we ignore His commands, obviously we do not worship Yahuah and obviously we are not saved.  Do you understand that Truth?

If the video ever “disappears”, please let me know.  I have it stored safely and can replace it.

If you are “Christian“, yet want to follow Yahuah, watch this video and take it to heart.  The Roman Christian Church has twisted Faith into an abomination, and many are deceived.  “Lawlessness” means not keeping the laws/commands of Yahuah, yet lawlessness is the cornerstone of the “Christian” religion.  Those are hard words for a dedicated Christian to take, but I know the Christian pseudo-theology quite well, as I used to be one myself.  I worked for Billy Graham on his crusade staff in the 1990’s.  He was a fine man but he blew it.  He did.

There is Truth in the Word that the Christian church is blind to, has no ears to hear and rejects out-of-hand.  Yet it is the Word.  So who is wrong?

The fury of hell is coming onto the world, and many will be deceived into worshiping the enemy.  Are you able to stand until the end?

You are warned here and now that if you do not follow Yahusha in your actions, you do not follow Him.  Your doctrine of “grace” is a delusion that makes Yahusha into a liar when He says “If you keep my commands, then my Father in heaven will love you…” Look it up.  You will never deceive Yahuah.  You live in sin because “sin” is simply a Greek word for “transgression of the law“.  Obedience to the law is mandatory for all people, God says so Himself.  That obedience to His commands is the ONLY way to worship Him.  He says so Himself in YOUR bible.

“Did we not cast out demons in your name?” you might ask Him, and what will He tell you?

Walk in The Way

Yahuah wants you to be one with Him, to experience His power and His authority – possible only if you obey His teachings, for that and that ALONE established Righteousness.  Obedience to His commands.  Walking in The WAY.  It is the path of life, and the way of the Natsarim.

Praise Yahuah.


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7 months ago

It appears the video has been removed 🙁

David Blundell
David Blundell
1 year ago

Walking in the Way, what a well done and beautiful video.

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