Video: U.S. Soldier Who Volunteered For Ukraine Says “Do Not Go. It’s A Trap.” Sounds Like It.


This fellow uses some coarse language, so try not to cry as he curses his way through his explanation regarding how Ukrainians are trapping foreigners inside their borders and attempting to send everyone to Kiev to fight the Russians.  Apparently you can forget about taking a rifle into the fight, as this guy says he and his crew were not given weapons to fight with, and the fighters who did have a rifle were given a magazine and only 10 rounds of ammunition.

Yes, I have considered that this is Russian propaganda and that the guy is fake.  But he curses so naturally in English that I think English is his native language.  Being a former Army officer, I can attest to the fact that cursing comes with the camo.  We couldn’t even say our names without cursing.  But let’s face it: our job was to destroy cities and slaughter armies.  Polite language was for another planet.

I’d like some opinions on this, ladies and gentlemen.  Real?  Propaganda?

Do you think we need to aid Ukraine?  Would you send your boys over there to save Ukraine from the Russians?  Does Putin have a legitimate beef with NATO and Ukraine?  Does the Biden family have something to hide regarding Ukraine?


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karla altiero
karla altiero
2 months ago

Check hugo talks from he says it’s fake. My opinion is Putin is last hold out on NWO or part of it. Ukraine is 1st country 2 implement great reset with social credit UBI digital ID vax passport. There is a person from Russia reporting on the covid scam there – now they are injecting the kids. Their fauci is some guy with dual israeli/ russian citizenship. So seems russia is part of it part 2 psyop. If you want the russian guy’s name/site I can go back and relay it.

2 months ago

I didnt watch it because I wasnt too keen about listening to ‘language’ just as I’m about to go to bed 🙂
But the scripture that came to mind was 2 Timothy 2:4..
And no, I dont think we need to aid Ukraine. For all we know, Yah could be using Russia as His weapon for judgement….we just dont know?

I often think of what the story line would be if there was msm and social media when Yah was pouring out His judgement on Egypt;
It would probably be something like ‘ those hebrews had another strike on egypt, they are destroying their economy, we need to send egypt aid as soon as possible” etc etc…the hebrews would be branded as terrorists along with a lot of other unsavory names…
Anyway…who knows what really is going on – could be all part of the plan…?
We know that everything around us is a lie….and that all these players are just following their script on the world’s stage.
Stay strong and much shalom 🕎

2 months ago

Sounds real. I have heard other accounts of what it is like and they said it is straight up good vs evil, not who the talking heads say it is.

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 months ago

Wow. Per his testimony, he is believable.

Brendon Naylor Australia
Brendon Naylor Australia
2 months ago

He comes across as legitimate. Though these days they do anything to achieve their mission. Warfare now takes on many different guises, we have to be careful that its not propagander.

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