Video: Steve Quayle Speaks Heated Language On The Engineered Famine Directed At Us


Whether one likes or dislikes Steve Quayle, a couple of things are certain.  First, he loves Truth and he worships Yahuah.  He obtained salvation by accepting the offer of Yahusha and he walks his walk in regards to Torah.

I first stumbled across Steve Quayle about 23 years ago, when I read something he wrote about giants.  And like most ignorant people, I dismissed his claims as myth and dismissed him as a crackpot carnival barker. 

In my own quest for Truth over the intervening years and decades, I came across Mr. Quayle more often and slowly started to learn that the man knew what he was talking about.  Then I started reading and listening more and more until I finally concluded years ago that he is my brother and one of the most potent enemies of Satan among mankind.  He is a true warrior.

All readers here are encouraged to seek out Steve Quayles’ personal testimony of his conversion to and walk with Yahusha.  The man has had a world-class experience with the Truth and is one of the real treasures among the Righteous and Holy people.

That said, this video is the most alarming and terrible of any that he has ever done.  I have never seen him so tortured with facts and decades of service as a Watchman.  Truly a knight, a warrior.  I listened to this last night, and I will listen to it again this weekend.  Why?  Because I also see the the flaming sword of Yahuah being raised to swing against the earth and all its inhabitants.  If you know anything about me at this point, you know that I worship Truth, and that Yahusha is the embodiment of Truth on earth and is the living Truth.

Most of us, “us” being readers here, will not be on this earth in the coming months.  I won’t dive into the details on that this morning but brothers and sisters, I adjure you to lay down your fears and to embrace the promise of Truth, that those who believe (know and follow the teachings of) Yahusha will not perish in the coming months, but will live forever with Him in the place He has prepared for us.

Our journey does not end there, but it begins here.  Prepare your mind for the climax of man’s time on this earth. You will participate in this climax.  You will have a story to tell.  You and everyone you love have a pending decision to make – take the mark or live in poverty.

But we who choose Righteousness, though we live in financial impoverishment, will live in genuine brotherhood.  We will live lives fearlessly, assured of our salvation.  We will be the free, while those marked will be the slaves of Satan, who desires only to destroy them, and he will.


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