Video: Some Disgusting Truth About Ukraine…

3_saving orphans in Ukraine | Street kids, Ukraine, Women

This should make any rational person sick to their stomach.  The Ukrainian “soldiers” are behaving like common street thugs to the citizens of Ukraine. 

And this validates the statements made last week by the American who went to Ukraine to help fight the Russians, only to be forced to remain in Ukraine by the “soldiers” and not even given a weapon with which to fight.

This Ukraine fiasco makes Russia and Putin look smarter and far more inclined to righteous values than the US Federal government.  This behavior is exactly what Putin said was happening and that he was not going to tolerate it.

Well guess what?  He is right.  Ukraine is a sewer led by a prancing homosexual.


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1 month ago

I knew that the Ukrainian military were committing war crimes it has always been the way of the west to do evil and call the victims of their crimes the perpetrators. I suspect they did the same when it was Adolf. Even although there wasn’t internet some info was suspect from newspaper articles at that time before they were fully taken over. I have read some books giving alternative historical accounts of WW1 and WW2 events. It will be when people cry out to the heavens that salvation will come. Or when I get the bible message about the 2nd coming of Christ to be made known it will take place that the heavens will intervene in world affairs.

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 month ago

Russia is defending Russians. Putin is a much much much better President than our Resident Biden. Did I say, “resident”? Yep, and I will add Biden is a puppet of the WEF and the new liberal world order (LWO).

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