Video: Seven Shots Into His Back, And The Man (Jacob Blake) Is Still Alive And Recovering In Kenosha

The police, four of them, end up shooting this guy seven times in the back as he walks away from them and attempts to get into his car.

Not to make light of a terrible situation, but how does a man MISS six times at a range of one foot?

I do not know what was happening in the huddle on the far side of the car.  It looks like this man was on the ground with the cops around him when he just pops up and strides to his car.  Four police follow him, guns drawn, and as he climbs into his ride one cop grabs him by the shirt and fires seven times at ONE FOOT DISTANCE into the man.

He fired seven times and missed six of the seven?  And the man (his name is Blake) had his kids in the car with him.  It is a miracle from GOD that this man is alive.  He is in serious condition in a Wisconsin hospital.

Mr. Blakes attorney is the same attorney who represented the family of George Floyd.

Something that I notice about myself as I watch the second video above is how many police officers there are, all the crime scene tape and all the police cars and flashing lights.    Its just overwhelming.  The police saturate these crime scenes with huge numbers of police personnel, cars and paraphernalia.  Its the intimidation factor that irritates me, and that is the reason police departments do it.

This past weekend a 14 yr old boy pulled a knife on a grown man in our subdivision while the grown man was on the phone with the police, and the police were crawling all over the place in minutes.  There were police, sheriff and state trooper cars all over the subdivision looking for this kid, without having any real idea what was going on.

The kid pulled out his pocket knife when a very large man started toward him for questioning why this very large man was video-recording a herd of middle-schoolers randomly playing in the street about four houses down from the mans driveway.

The kid in question walked over to the mans driveway and demanded to know why he was recording them.  The kid does have some emotional issues dating back to some severe parental abuse when he was 10 or 11 years old, but otherwise he is a good kid.  The boy never crossed the property line from public to private property, but the man told police that the boy walked up to him by his garage door, knife in hand.

Witnesses say that no such thing occurred, that the boy never left the street, and video evidence supports that testimony.  Sooo….

The police were everywhere, when one good cop would have been enough.  The never “caught” the kid, but did talk to him that night.  At that point, the police knew most of the facts and the situation is turning into a “man lied to police and made a false statement”  charge.  I will do my best to make that happen.



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