Video – Martin Armstrong: The Election Cheating Is So Bad We Might Not Have An Election In 2024.


Martin Armstrong is one of the most influential financial prognosticators in the world.  He has a strong track record for being correct in his long range analysis of political and financial movements.  His “Socrates” analysis predicts post-election violence in 2022 and possible for no election in 2024.

He recently appeared on USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter, where they discussed the special “Socrates” computer AI that Martin Armstrong created.  “Socrates” is powerful enough that Mr. Armstrong travels all over the world, meeting with Presidents, Premiers, dictators and other national and international leaders to advise them on political and financial matters of great importance.

You want to listen to this while you wait for election results tonight.

So, what does his Socrates program see for next week?  Armstrong, says, “It’s going to be tight, and the Republicans have a shot at taking the House.  Technically, they should take the House and the Senate.  I am just not sure.  The corruption is so bad, it’s crazy.  Pennsylvania sent out hundreds of thousands of ballots to people who are not documented or even American.  I’ve gotten emails from people in Canada, they are getting mail-in ballots.  They mailed them to Canada. . . .Where this ends up, who knows?  It’s just so corrupt, it is over the top.  It doesn’t matter who wins.  Nobody is going to accept this thing, and that is the problem.”

The cheating is going to be so in your face President Trump may not even be able to run for President two years from now.  Armstrong contends, “We may not even have an election in 2024.  It is not looking very good, and it’s probably because this election is not going to be accepted.  When it is so over-the-top corrupt, what do you do for the next one?  The United States will not exist after 2032.  After 2028 and 2029, we are going to have to redesign a government from scratch.  America is being destroyed.  Republics always end in absolute corruption.  We just saw the same thing happen in Brazil.  They staged a major effort to take Bolsonaro out. . . . This is a worldwide effort.  They had to get rid of Trump.  The other one who stood in their way is Bolsonaro.  Then there is Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China).  I think you are going to have historians look back at this 50 years from now, and they will call this period ‘The Climate Change Wars’. . . .They are trying to take down as much oil energy capacity as possible.”

Armstrong is still seeing very strong signals on domestic violence everywhere.  Armstrong explains, “Our computer is showing it’s going to be a rocket launch for volatility and civil unrest next year.”

Armstrong also contends there will be a major loss of confidence in government around the world.  That means gold will start having big demand from big money.  Armstrong also predicts, “The whole monetary system as we know it is collapsing.  That was what the bond crisis in the UK was about.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 7-minute interview for 11.5.22.

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kim k
kim k
1 year ago

well, that transhumanist….forget his name, soros main guy..just said he doesnt think there will be any more elections!

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