Video: GRAPHIC – Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Wounded Russians


This is hard to stomach and I recommend you do not watch it.  In this video, the Ukrainian soldiers first shoot Russian prisoners in the legs and let them bleed in the street,  Then, a Ukrainian soldier shoots one on the chest and the back to finish him off.

The Ukrainian soldier has the blue/yellow Ukrainian flak on his shoulder, and the Russian soldiers are shot in the street with hands tied.  Tied hands, laying in the street – exactly as the murdered civilians in Bucha were found.

Ukrainians will kill their own civilians for “collaborating” with the Russians.  This is important to know because this war is likely to expand and the American fraudulent government will demand that we assist the Ukrainians.

This Ukrainian, found dead in Bucha, is tied around his wrists and left laying in the street, just like the Russian prisoners of AZOV in the video above.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Calls Killings In ...

The Mayor Of Bucha Is Delighted The Russians Left Town

The mayor of Bucha posted this video when the Russians left town:

The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Bucha, Anatoli Fedoruk, confirmed last Thursday in a video message – in which he mentions the date – that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had regained control of the town and that in it there were no russian soldiers.

“On (Wednesday) March 31 will go down in the history of our town […] as the day of the liberation of the Russian orcs, of the Russian invaders by our Ukrainian Armed Forces,” he declared in the video, which was shown on Monday by Russia’s representative to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, at a press conference. “It is a day of joy and it is a great victory,” he added.

The Ukrainian mayor did not mention anything about local residents that “they were shot in the streets with their hands tied”, as the Ukrainian authorities claimed a few days later.

That was from the Paris Beacon.

The point here is the Russians left town and the Mayor was elated, happy, making videos.  Three days later, dead civilians littered the streets of Bucha, hands tied and murdered.  The Russians were gone for two or three days already.

The Bucha murders look like the murders of the Russian prisoners in the video above, conducted by Ukrainians with smiles on their faces and flags on their shoulders.  This is murder, and Ukraine is doing it.


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Gillian Cockwill
1 year ago

There is considerable effort to make it sound as if it’s Russia to blame & the MSM continue to believe it & put it out. I see the permanent Russian representative to the UN has just set out the facts, but we know the UN is biased. Also seems good old U.K. is against Russia also. Liz Truss is just a mouth piece, as they all are. It seems that the goal is to take down Russia, which I U/stand has been attempted for a long time. Putin will be vindicated in the end but it could be a long hard road before that happens.

1 year ago

I heard that they were not shooting them in the legs but in the crotch, and some of them called their mothers to show them what they did to their sons. Also Stew Peters has a video from last Friday where he shows a post-bombed area where a Satanic temple/altar was. He also has a woman on that video who explains the Khazar connection with Ukraine. Very interesting.

1 year ago

Thank you for providing this info.
I had suspected as much from the Nazi Ukrainians .
Wish there was a youtube link for these.
I know I looked at the satellite image they touted as proof the Russians did it and saw there was no time stamp on it and figured it a sham.

Kathleen O'Brien
Kathleen O'Brien
1 year ago

Thank you Jerry and praise Yah for your obedience in sharing even the things so horrible as this. Also, I wish to thank you for your recent post reminding us what Peter said about suffering unjustly. The timing was exquisitely comforting precisely when I needed it the most. Many, many blessings. Shalom, Kathleen

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 year ago

The dogs of war.

Welcome To The War
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