Video – Collapsing Magnetosphere? Alien/Demonic Claim To Human Souls Via Injections?


If you are interested in the very unusual with some actual potential, you might find this video fascinating.  I have watched it three times and although I have some questions, I do know that Steven’s German guest is a very diligent investigator who has essentially given his life to study and warn about the alien technologies that are being forced onto the world and into us as human beings. He is unsaved, but honest.

The German physicist is named Harold.  I forget his last name.

DNA manipulation via alien technologies and Israel buying iron-rich land in Poland to relocate people to when the magnetosphere collapses.  I don’t know how one predicts the collapse of the magnetosphere.  Maybe “they” plan to collapse it by artificial means?  Maybe the estimation is incorrect?  But is Israel is looking for iron-rich land to send Israelis to, then someone somewhere has a pretty good argument that the magnetosphere collapse is a real “potential” thing.

2022 is probably going to see the a big surge in already surging deaths from the injections.

Definitely worth watching.  I’m listening as I type this, third time.  Take all of this as a warning, and watch for things which prove it.  The “contracts with the the devil” theme is likely, because Satan is extremely legalistic.  He wants permission and considers it a binding agreement.  You know, he’s a desperate criminal who clings to any fingerhold on our souls.

So the injections are dna manipulators and opening doors for satan.  I contacted someone I love very much recently, and scolded that person for avoiding me after I texted him/her about the dangers of the injections which this person obtained.  The return text message was violently abusive, and radically unlike anything he/she had ever said to me in over 30 years of relationship.

It was shocking actually, and no apology after a week.

On the video, the physicist mentions that in Germany, couples who conceived a child AFTER both parents has been fully injected, the babies are born already highly intelligent and capable of lifting their heads at birth.  “Black eyes” are not an issue in these babies.

As for the spirit leaving the body and stuff, the CIA has been working on that process for a long time.

Listen carefully to this video.  Its very interesting.  The magnetosphere collapse is classified as “Probable”.  No dates, as always.  It is slowly failing and a major burst from the sun could hose us down pretty good with radiation.


And as an edit: There is some alarming solar activity as I type this.   Go to minute 46 at the video here:

Be a good Watchman.


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Gillian Cockwill
7 days ago

Agree. I take the view now that when it comes it comes. We will die whatever we do. Same if they drop a Nuke. It’ll happen in the blink of an eye we won’t know what’s happened. Look forward to seeing your piece. I was meant to come up to Scotland when my ex divorced me. Have always wondered why. Lost my purpose coming here, but maybe these times are it? Also, I didn’t & never will take the needle. I know what it is & whqts it’s doing. Bless

Last edited 7 days ago by Gillian Cockwill
7 days ago

Hummm, the magnetosphere collapse kinda sounds like “they” may have someting planned, but will blame it on a natural activity ?
That info about the shot is very interesting….

Gillian Cockwill
7 days ago

As I’ve said before, the Fallen Angels have achieved their goal. They have been trying to corrupt the Human Genome Sequence for Millenia & they’ve done it. The Vaccine is it!!! There’s no way out of this.

karla altiero
karla altiero
7 days ago

is his last name kautz vella- if so think he talked about chem trails morgellons pretty deep. black goo. another guy max spiers. beyond my interest though

karla altiero
karla altiero
7 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

look up max spiers – terrifying death by black goo his life and stories very esoteric. 2 much 4 me .

karla altiero
karla altiero
5 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

he seemed like a brave and intelligent man. was it super soldier? also have you heard of pastor russ dizdar recently passed who worked with sra victims with induced multiple persinality disorders trained 2 b end time super soldiers. russ dizdar seemed like a wonderful person really worked hands on with people in the shadows and they literally told him the their stories. his book i think is called black awakenings and its about the alters in multiple personality being called out of people who were abused by satanists. they r supposed 2 be the army in apocalypse.

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