Video: Australia Police Thugs Pepper Spray 12 Year Old Girl And The Moment Ashli Babbitt Was Murdered


Video: Brendan

And one of the cops sounds Arabic.

Well folks, we all have to decide our limits.  No one on earth wants you to live as badly as YOU want you to live.  And governments don’t care whether you live or not, so government has no interest in your life, whether you live or not.

The Australian government and for that matter the US government will not stop enslaving YOU until YOU make it costly and painful for them to continue.   Governments are non-human, literally.  Governments are much more like machines than they are human.  If governments were human, they would be compassionate and interested in the well-being of every man.

But they are not.

Proof is in governments rabid insistence that everyone be forced to be injected with a mystery chemical against a mystery virus that no one has ever seen, nor can this mystery virus be purchased for study.  It cannot be obtained anywhere by anyone for any sum of money.

It obviously does not exist.

But your government does exist, and it is determined to sink its needles into you and your entire family.  Like a horde of vampires, the government agents are walking the face of the earth, sticking their greasy masked faces into yours and demanding that you allow them to sink their needles into you or you will be denied food.

That is government, and until it is eradicated, you will remain a slave.  Rather, you will remain a slave as long as they allow you to remain alive.  The police and especially the federal law enforcement personnel treat human beings like wet, oozing, mangy dogs – something to be killed.  The cop, the government employee who murdered Ashli Babbitt in the January 6th march?  He walked out of the hearings a free man, guilty of nothing other than shooting at point blank a woman standing alone in a window looking at the scene before her.  The government employee/cop drew his weapon and shot her from mere feet away.  Her hands were empty and she was filled with wonder and awe at the movement going on around her.   A movement for freedom, until her freedom was turned off forever by the government.  Point blank.  Unarmed.  Innocent.  Woman.

We are governed by yellow running dogs, hyenas who eat their own entrails.  They are the worst of our American society, taking bribes to sell us out one deal after another.  Note that not one single government employee stooped to render aid to Ashli Babbit, to talk to her, to hold her hand, or to identify who shot her.

Not one of them even looked through the window to see who fired the shot. 

NOT ONE.  Not one cop even drew his own weapon, although a shooting just took place five feet away and a shooting victim fell through the window onto the floor at their very feet, dying.   They didn’t know it was a government employee who fired his weapon, did they?  Wouldn’t their instinct be to draw their own weapon and immediately investigate the area in front of where Ashli Babbitt was standing?  ???

Here is a Washington Post video of the two minutes before Ms. Babbitt was executed.  The WPost claims that Ms. Babbitt was “attempting to breach” a door, but I never see her touch anything.  I do see a cluster of (looks like) antifa in red Trump hats.  You can see the killers gun in the WP video.  He is clearly ready to shoot someone, so he shot the most harmless person up there.

Without naming Byrd, an internal investigation announced earlier in the week by the Capitol police found no wrongdoing on his part. The Justice Department announced a similar finding in April.

All of the government police here have been trained in first aid.  She was shot and left on the floor to die by government employees, all while she wore a US flag draped around her tiny shoulders.

If you do not personally take action to stop them, they will chain you and eventually kill you because governments decree that it is OK to kill harmless citizens.  That is your future more sure than the rising sun.

Its not the police.  Its the government.



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1 year ago
David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 year ago

Wow. That is all I can say. Shocking how quickly the world’s governments are turning against the people. May we seek Yahuah’s Truth, His power, His strength and His wisdom in these tumultuous times. Things are going to get worse, probably at an ever increasing rate. Time to put our defenses in place. However, on a rabbit trail perspective (don’t take much stock in the following statements), the research I have done to date regarding a hypothesized micro nova (every 12,000 years approximately) to occur again (supposedly, question mark, question mark) sometime between 2025 and 2046 is expected to heavily impact eastern Asia longitudinal region (extending from eastern Russia down through China, Indonesia and Australia). Doug Vogt with the Diehold Foundation has done some fascinating research (not for sure if it should be believed) on our sun nova’s relating back to cold epochs and world population devastation. Always Torah and God’s Word first and foremost. Lifting our nation up in prayer that we would rise up against our own tyranny growing across the USA. War… Read more »

Welcome To The War
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