Video: A Small Sample Of Fentanyl Addiction One One Street In One City – A Horror Of Human Lives Lost


Heartbreaking.  The people you see in this video are very much zombies because the ones bent over or struggling to remain on their feet are under the control of fentanyl, imported from China, who is seeking payback for the Opium wars over 100 years ago, wherein Britain got the Chinese addicted to opium.  Payback is what you are looking at here, and this is repeated in every major city in the United States.

What breaks my heart is the knowledge that every one of these poor people was once a child with big hopes and dreams.  They never imagined that when they were grown, even teenagers, they they would be owned by a drug that stupefied them and left them totally at the mercy of the drug.  That they would live in garbage and beg for money to buy more fentanyl to return to the stupefied possession of the drug.

Pray for these people.  Please.  Yahuah looks at them mercifully, while some who profess to follow Truth look at these people and bitterly condemn them, brimming with hatred.  Those who live lives of hatred are not following Truth, they instead choose to hate.  We are called to forgive, to love, to help and to serve others.  Yahuah will determine who among us belongs to Him.  Our job is to worship Him by doing as He commands.

Nothing less is sufficient.  No fantasy of having a “sweet relationship with Jesus” will qualify one for salvation unless the commands of Yahusha are known and followed.  His sheep know His voice and follow Him.


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1 month ago

Omg, serious! Wow, I have never seen people so zombified….wow…
Poor lost souls….

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 month ago

I think this video is Kensingten (spelling?) Avenue in Philadelphia. I heard the other day that a student at Boerne HS overdosed on drugs suspected to be fentanyl. I’m not for sure if that student survived but apparently the principal of the school did not assist right away and is not supposedly on administrative leave. If all of this is true I can’t verify. But my point. The “zombie” apocalypse is happening also in our own backyard in Boerne Texas. We all need Yahuah in this dark time.

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 month ago
Reply to  Jerry

Maybe then it was Champion HS that this event occurred. Unfortunate. Boerne has a drug problem.

1 month ago

A glimpse into hell.

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