Update On The Saudi Oilfield Bombing – Lindsey Graham Wants To Bomb Iran

Originally posted on September 15, 2019 @ 12:25 pm

This post is an update to my post yesterday regarding the politics and power-plays going on around the Middle East.  This is just one, single incident, but it is such a common example that my readers need to know.


Our emotions are played; our minds are manipulated; we are lied to on every possible level continuously and nothing we see is what it seems.  For example, bananas.  Yes, bananas.  Like them?  Think that they are natural, normal, “as god made them” bananas?

How about this: Does the pharmaceutical industry want to make “medicine” that cures you?

Does Google Search deliver honest, unbiased search results?

Nothing is what it seems.  Satan is the prince of the world, and that is a literal, not metaphorical statement.

So if a war explodes in the ME, ignore it.  Don’t even bother to read about it, because any war anywhere is a manipulated, completely unnecessary manipulation and power grab by a few ultra rich globalists.  Never send your children to fight in any of these “wars”, as none are conducted by noble people for noble reasons.  Its all robbery, disguised as righteousness.

Let the dead bury the dead.  War, earthly, satan-as-prince war is no place for the living.

And I love you.  As my desk as I write I am playing an album by Fionn Regan titled “100 Acres of Sycamore”.  He just plays his guitar and sings comfortable, interesting songs.  I have learned that life with Yahusha manifested in me is still human life, but with the mystery of love at its core.

Here is a link to my Google Drive folder and the music: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SSTWdFtyWA0zllU1zVXGCJRdA5qDAdQx

Following the early morning attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq oil processing facility—the largest oil processing plant in the world—and a similar drone attack at the Khurais oil field on Saturday, the neocon senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, has called for attacking Iran. 

Although the Houthis claimed responsibility for the crippling attack, there is little evidence who is actually responsible. It is just as likely the Saudis did this to 1) ramp up hostilities against their arch enemy, Shia Iran, 2) jack up the price of oil, and 3) in the process make the impending Aramco IPO more lucrative.

In addition, the Saudis fear the end of the illegal war on the people of Yemen negotiated by the US:

Zerohedge notes:

According to Reuters reports the drone attacks will impact up to 5 million bpd of oil production, which suggests that the price of oil—already severely depressed by the recent news that John Bolton is out, making de-escalation with Iran far more likely—is set to soar when trading reopens late on Sunday, just what the upcoming Aramco IPO desperately needs, which in turn has prompted some to wonder if the “Yemen” attack on Saudi Arabia wasn’t in fact orchestrated by Saudi interests. (Emphasis mine.) 

Meanwhile, the corporate media, as should be expected, is placing the blame indirectly on Iran.

From the beginning of the Saudi campaign to bomb the daylights out of Yemen, creating one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent memory, the corporate media has stated as an indisputable fact the Houthis are an Iranian proxy doing the bidding of the mullahs in Tehran. 

On the contrary, the Iranians have very little to do with supporting the Houthis, a fact rarely mentioned because it conflicts with the narrative that fallaciously states Iran is the most vicious terror state in the world (that designation is better suited for the United States and Israel). 

Thomas Juneau, the assistant professor at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and an analyst with Canada’s Department of National Defense, wrote for The Washington Post in 2016, “Tehran’s support for the Houthis is limited, and its influence in Yemen is marginal. It is simply inaccurate to claim that the Houthis are Iranian proxies.” 

Iran’s assistance “remains limited and far from sufficient to make more than a marginal difference to the balance of forces in Yemen, a country awash with weapons. There is, therefore, no supporting evidence to the claim that Iran has bought itself any significant measure of influence over Houthi decision-making.”

Graham sits on a number of committees—including the Foreign Relations Committee, and he is the chairman of the Subcommittee on the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs—so it really isn’t possible he doesn’t know the oft-claimed accusation Iran controls the Houthis is little more than war propaganda.  

But then Graham, as a neocon fellow traveler, is enthusiastically in favor of Israel’s wars in the Middle East. If it takes a few lies to get things moving, so be it. Iran must be bombed because it cannot be allowed to challenge the Zionist apartheid state, and condemn its disruptive behavior, violation of human rights, and relentless agitation for a war that would suck in America and crash an already teetering world economy.  

Article posted with permission from Kurt Nimmo

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