U.S. Justice Department Gives All U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Full Access To All Data The Federal Government Has On You.


Watch the video.  Something is shaping up and considering what is about to blow up in our U.S. energy supply, the government might be positioning for widespread and violent civil rebellion.  We all, left and right, have seen this coming for years.  We have been warned, repeatedly.

MonkeyWerx noticed that there is currently a very unusual pattern of U.S. origin government mid-sized commercial jets transporting large numbers of personnel from various military bases through the U.S. Army Biggs Airfield which then forward to offload at other domestic cities.

This is, as he says “highly unusual”, and concerning.

He ties this to an “emergency” requisition by the U.S. Government of “Heat Vests”, which are vests used to carry concealed eight AR-15 magazines.

He thinks it possible that the flights are security contractors or military personnel who will (I suppose) wear the vests in some scenario that might see violent protest or threats to people, VIP’s, political figures, etc.

Personally, this seems to coincide with the eminent (days/weeks) loss of all  diesel fuel and the subsequent and immediate unavailability of food, gasoline and heating fuel as we head into winter.

Also coinciding with this unusual movement of mystery personnel and heat vests is the just discovered U.S Justice department decision to give ALL law enforcement (BATF, local police/sheriff, and all others.  All.) and intelligence agencies (C.I.A., etc.) unrestricted access to the personal data of more than 145 million Americans, through information from passport, tax records, medical, retirement, birth records, social security numbers, websites visited, children, addresses, employment, education, club affiliations and more  which will be shared without legal process or any apparent oversight, according to a letter sent from Sen. Ron Wyden to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and obtained by Yahoo News.

This apparently means that the very detailed private personal information will be poured out into the computers of every law enforcement organization in the United States.  Why would the Justice department, an anti-American organization, think it has the authority to do such a thing?

Privacy.net has that information for you.  Yes, the government has everything about you on one organization or another, so everything the surveillance grid has regarding you is available to any “law enforcement” organization anywhere in the USA, which also means that the Chinese Army will have that same data practically immediately.

You don’t mind, right?  The Federal government is a completely trustworthy guardian of freedom, right?  It lives to serve the people, right?  Its a high-integrity organization whose word is as solid as granite, right?  First and foremost the U.S government strives to guarantee that our children are safe at all times, especially in public schools.  They carefully guard our borders, stringently monitor pharmaceutical companies for drug safety, guarantee transparent and lawful elections and take every ethical step possible to guarantee the general security and prosperity of the United States of America.



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kim k
kim k
1 year ago

Every day..more and more… and people still cant see–ohh come Lord Jesus!!

Welcome To The War
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