Two Videos – Ukraine’s President Zelensky Dances In Homosexual Dance Group; WEF Spokesman Claims They Have The Ability To Remote Control Human Beings Now. All Human Beings.


Ok, what we need to do is let Ukraine and Russia fight it out.  I have learned a wee bit more about Ukraine  in the last few days, and it does not seem to be a place or a culture worth dying for.  There is a lot that is disturbing about the following Zelensky video, as well as the many questions it raises about the people who voted for him and the people who work for and with him.

The battle for Ukraine is about more then we are told.  Clearly Russia does not want a US militarized proxy state sitting right on Russia’s border.  Especially one ruled by an utterly decadent LGBT anti-christ.  If you are in the US military, have nothing to do with Ukraine.  Let Putin chew them up.

World Economic Forum Plainly States That Humans Are “Now Hackable Animals”.

“Free will is over.” –  Yes, that is a direct quote. And he, like Zelensky, is LGBT (or whatever the latest pro-homo letter set is.)

The WEF merely reflects the ideas and goals of their corporate clients.  The beast is raising itself up.   This WEF spokesman says they have the capability to access and hack everyone now, and he also discusses the

transmitters being implanted
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into everyone now, which is for sure a reference to the technology being assembled within people from the injections.

This is important information and you should forward this page to church friends.  They need to hear it.


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karla altiero
karla altiero
2 months ago

Person with haarp who organized large counter team who had family members murdered advises a pinch of borax in water to disable this stuff. see dana ashlies video on yt

2 months ago

Great videos Jerry. So surreal what is happening. We need to be really awake right now.

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