Two Videos, One Light and One Dark. Learn From Both. Satan Is The Prince Of This World. Yahusha Is Our Redeemer. The Battle Is Full On.


Couple of videos for you this afternoon. One is short, about 12 minutes, and great. It will enlighten you and teach you and make you wonder about things you believe and in general, give all of us some truth that expands our love for Yahuah. Its a good video.

The second video is long, five hours long and very convincing of the darkness swallowing the world. I just watched it, although I did fast-forward a few times early to get past some of the speakers information. It was information on satanism that he really wanted to drive home to his viewers, and he did a good job of it, but it was information I already knew, mostly. I’m talking about the actors and musicians who serve Lucifer. They are totally open about it, and will be rooting for the anti-christ to execute us in a very short span of time. But I watched the second half closely. Good information that we all need to know and spread around. Lots of information about the Masons, Luciferians, Satanists – all one big club. And Noahide Law, also a satanic construction. So an excellent primer for anyone who wants truth about the world.

So one is light and the other is dark. I prefer the light, but knowledge of our enemies is important to have.

The video below is a low-resolution video.  Sorry.  I didn’t make it, but the information is good to know.

A good written guide to this long video, and the video itself, is located here:

The sender is or was a subscriber here, and he and I keep in touch.  He has a site in the Netherlands that he is working to develop, so if you go over there, comment to him that you liked the video.  He’s a good brother.



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1 month ago

Hello Jerry, I had an interesting conversation with this Altiyan Childs on his Facebook around a year ago. He was bashing Alex Jones in his video so I asked him why. He came back with some lame and untrue accusations of Alex. When I called him on it he stopped talking to me. He still wears the colors of the Illuminati and why would he be allowed to make this video without punishment from the ones he made the vow of secrecy with? I could be wrong, and he gives a lot of truths in the video, but something doesn’t smell right.

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 month ago

Man! I’m about an hour into that Freemason video and already it is giving me the ebgb’s. Looking forward to watching the rest later and learning more. I have always had my concerns related to Freemasons.

karla altiero
karla altiero
1 month ago

appreciate your site- hard hitting truthful and personal. thanks

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