Two Men, One Dead For One Hour and 45 Minutes, the Other in a Vision For 23 Minutes. Heaven and Hell.

Originally posted on October 10, 2017 @ 11:12 pm

Prophecy, visions, dreams and experiences with the divine are wonderful when they ring true. This first speaker experienced a medically documented death of one hour and 45 minutes. When his body died, he began his trip to heaven where he experienced things that are so beautiful, words cannot express them. As in all “prophecies” or death experiences, I start out skeptical and if the Holy Spirit within me pushes against the prophecy, I turn away from it.

This man tells a story that rings true, and it has elements very similar to another death experience I heard a few months ago. In short, I believe this man, and his demeanor, his humility and his obvious gentle spirit lend strong credibility to his experience. I urge you to watch this entirely so you will benefit from the rich blessing in it, if you will receive it.

Dead For One Hour, 45 minutes, Dean Braxton Ascends Into Heaven

This next speaker, Bill Wiese, went to hell in a vision that lasted 23 minutes. He is a wealthy real estate broker in the USA (I think USA), and he rarely told anyone what he experienced for seven years, sharing only occasionally at bible studies. His vision is of hell, and he cites a ton of scriptures from memory as he recounts the horror of it.

23 Minutes Of Hell – Bill Wiese

These two experiences are opposites. One describes the boundless love, joy and completyenessd that heaven is for the redeemed and the angels. Heaven is our home, and we have a place there even now, waiting for us. We have an appointed hour, and we will arrive precisely on time.

Hell is the worst place imaginable, and most will, apparently, go there because they rejected the offer of salvation of Yahusha.

In these darkening times, remember that we have a home ready and waiting, that life there will immediately render any sorrows we experience on earth meaningless. We will not remember them and we will live in the presence of Yahuah endlessly. Love that we can only dream of in this life will be everywhere around us, and emanating from us to all, when we leave this earth forever.

“Though grace is shown to the wicked, they do not learn righteousness.” –Isaiah 26:10


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4 months ago

First video is unavailable. Can we see it elsewhere?

karla altiero
karla altiero
4 months ago

The 1st video says unavailable.

carol wetherington
carol wetherington
4 months ago


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