Trump Summons Prayer Team To His Office. Sends His Family Out Of DC. Expect Major Rioting Right Away.

“Do not fear for I have redeemed you.  I have summoned you by name.”

Today Trump summoned personnel to his office today to pray regarding information he received today, January 18th.  He is asking for “spiritual guidance’ that will maximum freedom and minimize loss of life.  Trump asked his family to leave DC last night.  NSA Director Paul Nacasone assigned NSA attorney to act as Trumps attorney yesterday.  Starts tomorrow (Tuesday, 19th).

Interested?Its on.

Thank you, Mike Adams. Thank you Lin Wood.  Thank you Chris Yoon.  Thank you Steve Pieczenik.  Thank You Alex Jones.  Thank you Donald Trump.

As I said in November, Trump will retain the office of President.

CIA suppressed Chinese interference in the election, supporting the Chinese Communist Party over America, Donald Trump and freedom.  CCP plans to execute top US military personnel were intercepted, apparently in the last week.

US Center for Disease Control (CDC) concludes officially that coronavirus was a CCP military biological weapon specifically to be used against the United States.

What would sleepy Joe do about this?  Would China prefer Biden over Trump?

Iran – Iranian cyber actors threaten US election officials.  Threatening lives of US personnel directly, according to the FBI.

Armed protestors are showing up at various State capitals already.  Stay home.  Oathkeepers say stay home.  3 Percenters say stay home.

Over 30,000 soldiers are in DC, with 40,000 total expected.  Patriot anti-missile batteries are also on the way.  Fifty x 50-caliber machine guns are in place in DC now.

Anyone in DC expecting cruise missiles and Russian jet fighters?

Chinese ‘Club K’ missile containers, fired via remote control are potentially  being maneuvered within the USA.  Can you say “Electric grid”?  Nuclear power facilities?  These look just like shipping containers and can be launched by semi-tractor/trailer rigs, or from container ships at sea or in ports.  From trains, even.  And if they are offshore, they will not have problems with customs inspections.

Stay home.

Bridges in DC are closed or closing.  None of this drama when Trump was inaugurated.  The Biden criminal theft of the Presidency is clearly a war.

What’s this all about?  To protect the capital from the revolutionaries who are going to lose their minds when Trump retains the seat.  Biden will either be sent home or arrested.  Then the crazy show begins, augmented with Chinese weapons.

As Lin Wood said a month ago or longer, it will look more like a revolution than a civil war.  China has prepositioned serious war-making equipment in the USA.  I remember the full-auto machine gun parts from China were found in a US post office.

Obama also stored tons of guns and ammunition all over the United States.  Remember that? 

Will an EMP strike precede the attack on DC?  Will an emp weapon turn off the power in Houston?  Dallas?  New York?  Atlanta?  Your home town?

Would Iran or North Korea do that?

Are you prepared for any of this?






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