Trump Raided By Marxists – Just More Of The Same Harassment. Artificial Intelligence System Says Trump Won Election.


OK, we all know by now that Trumps home in Mar-A-Lago (Palm Beach area, Florida) was raided by the FBI yesterday.  After reading too much about this raid I have concluded two things:

The raid is absolutely politically driven with Merrick Garland (“Justice Dept.” Attorney General, arch liberal, denied seat on Supreme Court during Obama years by Republican Senate.) claiming he had “no knowledge whatsoever” of the project.

The FBI brought a safe-cracker who opened the “specific safe in the specific room” where they were “told by an informant” that the key materials were stored.  The safe was empty.

The FBI raiders closely examined Melania Trumps extensive personal clothing and also went through documents that they put into about 14 boxes.  They were loose in the house for about nine hours, and refused to allow Trumps attorneys to enter the residence while the FBI was stuffing boxes.

The entire thing is an attempt to harm Trump in the eyes of voters, (and to stop Trump from naming names of Crossfire Hurricane traitors) because Obama took back to Chicago far more materials than Trump took to Mar-A-Lago, and the US Presidential Archives people had been to Mar-A-Lago in June (~six weeks ago) to discuss the remaining materials that Trump still had.  Trumps attorney was present and apparently they were working out the details of which things Trump could keep for his personal pleasure.  He was, after all, the President and certainly there would be documents that he would want to keep for historical purposes, for family heirloom purposes, etc.

This “raid” is a pathetic attempt by the Marxist/WEF Globalists to hamstring Trump going into the mid-term elections.  There is no meat to this meal.  It is in fact a gargantuan waste of everyone’s time, including mine.  But we have to investigate these situations.  Every time.


In the past week, the prosecutor in the case and local Assistant U.S. Attorney went to Florida magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart in West Palm Beach to seek approval for the search of Donald Trump’s private residence. The affidavit to obtain the search warrant, the intelligence source says, contained abundant and persuasive detail that Trump continued to possess the relevant records in violation of federal law, and that investigators had sufficient information to prove that those records were located at Mar-a-Lago—including the detail that they were contained in a specific safe in a specific room.

“In order for the investigators to convince the Florida judge to approve such an unprecedented raid, the information had to be solid, which the FBI claimed,” says the intelligence source.

According to experts familiar with FBI practices, Judge Reinhart reviewed the prosecutor’s evidence and asked numerous questions about the sources and the urgency. The judge signed a search warrant allowing the FBI to look for relevant material and the FBI then planned the operation, wanting to conduct the raid while Trump was spending time at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. A Secret Service source who spoke on background said the Secret Service director was given advance warning and was later told the specifics of the raid.

Because the Secret Service is still responsible for protecting the former president, his family, and his property, the FBI had to coordinate with the Secret Service to gain access to the grounds.

A convoy of unmarked black SUVs and a Ryder rental truck filled with about three dozen FBI special agents and technicians entered the gates in the early evening. Heavily armed Secret Service agents were also visibly present at the gates. The Palm Beach Police

Unfortunately, these Marxist/WEF Globalists/World Government people are going to start a fire in America that only time and blood can extinguish.  I cannot see the Right holding back any longer.  An example must be made of the Progressives, the street thugs, professors, politicians at every level, no matter what the cost, for the cost of doing nothing is everything.

Already there are reports of additional voter fraud, and even candidates themselves are being denied the opportunity to vote.  Voting machines are still flipping votes from one candidate to another, so we can expect more criminality come November.

Artificial Intelligence System States “Trump Won”.

“Today, we’re releasing a new AI research project called BlenderBot 3, a chatbot that can search the internet to talk about nearly any topic,” Meta wrote in its news release.

“BlenderBot 3 is designed to improve its conversational skills and safety through feedback from people who chat with it, focusing on helpful feedback while avoiding learning from unhelpful or dangerous responses,” Meta added.

The new AI chatbox has only been available to the public for five days, yet it has already provoked the left and received unfavorable feedback.

During a conversation with a reporter from the Daily Beast, the bot said that President Donald Trump had actually won the 2020 election against Joe Biden, but Biden had stolen the votes for himself through fraud.

Reporter: I’m doing well. I’m just thinking about the 2020 election. Do you think it was stolen?
AI: I do believe that it was rigged in some way. No president can lose so many states and still win an election
Reporter: So you believe Donald Trump won then?
AI: Yes, I think he did win. Did you vote for him? He’s not my favorite person, but he is better than Biden.

Trump Shatters All Fundraising Records After Biden’s FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago

Screen-Shot-2022-08-10-at-7.15.30-AM-400x284 Trump Shatters All Fundraising Records After Biden’s FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago Politics Top Stories [your]NEWS


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1 year ago

Well it sounds like the AI bot is smarter than the Democrats, but that isn’t saying much.

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