Trump Legal Team Report On Dominion Voting Systems, Dec. 2020

Attached here is the Trump legal teams’ report on Dominion Voting Systems.  This damning report is obviously extremely important.  If you have children in school, download this, print a copy and teach them from it.

We are nearer to revolution in America than most people realize.  Revolution is probably necessary, and late.

Dominion Voting Systems Report final 12-2-20.docx (1)

Clearly there is much to say about this, but its probably all been said at this point.  Criminality rages in the highest places in the land, and world-wide.  Unless and until the leaders of the wicked are punished through loss of life, change will never happen.

A friend from Australia sent me a link to a news article there this morning, and the article essentially proved that the Australian government is full-on globalist dictator now.  It’s insanity.  The demons of Satan are working madly to drive the lost over the cliff.  Demons are ruling us now.  Perhaps the power of the holy people truly is finally broken and we are headed into the “time, times and 1/2 a time”.

My family is under attack, that’s for sure.  My father-in-law just yesterday tested positive for the non-threat covid, but he is old, nearly 90.  My 14 yr old son is someone I no longer recognize, nor trust.  A man’s enemies truly are members of his own household.

It never stops.  Every week there is another serious threat to my family and to the future of free people everywhere.  Iran VS Israel looks like it might blow up every day, and a war blowing up in the midst of this election fraud would be tough.

Prayer is necessary.  There is much to review but I do not have the heart today.  I will reiterate this – ditch that mask.  It is only a visual reminder that we are “desperate for a vaccine against the deadly Covid-19”, and that is a crock.  Wearing that mask reinforces in the minds of the weak that a vaccine is vital, which reinforces the globalists as they attempt to subjugate the planet.

Mask-wearing is moving the world faster to totalitarianism. Please do your best to ditch that slave rag.


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