This Past April 10th The International Monetary Fund Launched The Official Digital Currency


The move from paper dollars is happening.  It will seem like overnight, instantly, your money became fully digital and when that happens, you will surrender control of your spending to the government.  Before the government starts locking up bank accounts and regulating how much protein you are allowed to “buy”, it must first bait people into believing that digital money is “safe and effective.”

This digital currency described in the article below is for transactions between banks, and as this transition matures, the move to digitize your own cash will happen.  It will happen quickly, and probably with little or no advance warning.  People use plastic for nearly every purchase anyway, so the surface shock will be minimal.  But cash is going away, and soon.

As it says below, ANY merchant can accept this digital currency as payment, which means your dollars in your neighborhood and your digital currency.  On the surface, this all seems moot.  We all use plastic every day.  But when you need to get all of your cash out of the bank before the collapse of the U.S. Dollar, you will not be able to convert to paper dollars.   They won’t exist, nor will they be legal tender.  You will be completely controlled financially in the Federal system.  Consider options.

The Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) Launches an International Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

/PRNewswire/ — Today, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announced their official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) that strengthens the monetary sovereignty of participating central banks and complies with the recent crypto assets policy recommendations proposed by the IMF.

International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings 2023

International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings 2023
Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), symbolized as ANSI Character, Ü, is legally a money commodity, can transact in any legal tender settlement currency, and functions like a CBDC to enforce banking regulations and to protect the financial integrity of the international banking system.

Banks can attach SWIFT Codes and bank accounts to a UMU digital currency wallet and transaction SWIFT-like cross-border payments over digital currency rails completely bypassing the correspondent banking system at best-priced wholesale FX rates and with instantaneous real-time settlement.

In an IMF interview with Tobias Adrian, Financial Counsellor at the International Monetary Fund, he states “Cross-border payments can be slow, expensive, and risky. In today’s world of payments, counterparties in different jurisdictions rely on costly trusted relationships to offset the lack of a common settlement asset together with common rules and governance. But imagine if a multilateral platform existed that could improve cross-border payments—at the same time transforming foreign exchange transactions, risk sharing, and more generally, financial contracting.”

According to Darrell Hubbard, the Executive Director of the DCMA, and the chief architect of UMU, “This vision expressed by the IMF is the exact solution the DCMA is delivering to central banks worldwide.” (This means

every U.S. Federal Reserve Bank
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, too.  – JD)

Adopting a global localization public monetary system architecture, UMU can be configured to operate according to the central banking regulations of each participating jurisdiction.

George Walker, a Partner at Practus, LLP, specializing in international law, facilitated meetings between the DMCA and the IMF, states “Although the IMF has not officially endorsed Universal Monetary Unit, in reviewing the DCMA’s Whitepaper and in weekly team discussions, the IMF has yet to state any objections to UMU’s FX premium rates and its monetary sovereignty approach.”

According to Darrell, “UMU is not attempting to disrupt the international monetary system. If fact, it strengthens it by helping the IMF achieve its stated mandate to provide economic and financial stability to its member states. UMU is a game-changer in how cross-border payments are transacted and mitigates against seasonal and systemic local currency depreciation.”

Universal Monetary Unit Model Law legislation has been drafted in collaboration with several sovereign states. In this proposed legislation, UMU should not be enacted as legal tender for negotiating domestic prices or international trade agreements. Instead, the legislation proposes UMU to be enacted as a complementary money commodity for the store of value, mitigating against potential seasonal and systemic local currency depreciation, and tendered as a payment currency at the time of settlement.

Merchants and trading partners could accept UMU for the equivalent market value for their good and services priced in any national legal tender. UMU has premium exchange rates built into its wallet and can convert any settlement currency amount to the equivalent UMU amount.

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Universal Monetary Unit (UMU) is cryptocurrency reimagined from the ground up to support central banking and regulated financial institutions. (ALL U.S. banks are “regulated financial financial institutions. – JD) It features a trusted consensus protocol, Staked Proof of Trust (SPOT) Protocol, and a multi-dimensional DLT (mDLT) capable of supporting any asset or liability ledger enabling full-service digital banking and international trade payments.

The DCMA introduces Universal Monetary Unit as Crypto 2.0 because it innovates a new wave of cryptographic technologies for realizing a digital currency public monetary system with a widespread adoption framework encompassing use cases for all constituencies in a global economy.

About the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) –

The DCMA is a world leader in the advocacy of digital currency and monetary policy innovations for governments and central banks. Membership within the DCMA consists of sovereign states, central banks, commercial and retail banks, and other financial institutions.

About Universal Monetary Unit (UMU) –
Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), also known as Unicoin, is an innovation in store of value cryptography powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It adopts a central banking monetary policy framework to ensure it has continuous purchasing demand, minimal price volatility, and annual asset pricing targets.
A copy of the UMU Whitepaper is available on its website.

Ruth Marshall

SOURCE Digital Currency Monetary Authority


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10 months ago
every U.S. Federal Reserve Bank" Read more »

This is so upsetting! I’m angry….once they require the mark of the beast to buy or sell, I won’t comply. Biden said he wants to make the US like Cuba..others prefer China to be modeled after. These are people who know the injections are killing people and in fact, injuring its military deeply. Blame Trump they keep saying. Who were the Australians cheering Obama? Dont they know he’s the reason they’re slaves to the globalists..eating crickets..he is his highness Obama. He claims we arent capable of making decisions for ourselves. His lies to to people everywhere..and his direct sabotage on the US to bring it down. The cbdcs program is created by Bill Gates..I’m in Wells of the 5 CBDC players….that money will be taken soon..then social credits for good or bad behavior. How do you pay bills with no money. I’ll be punished I dont..will they allow going off grid or is it about get your deathshots or you will be executed..if they want nazi satanic punishments to Christians, they will find us,… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

PERFECTLY said Jerry!!

Welcome To The War
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