This Might Be An Emergency Warning


Remember all those prophecies I read to you last year?  Prophecies concerning the destruction of America?  Many of them, and highly detailed?

The information in this warning can definitely happen. 

To listen to the prophecies, click here.


PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

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3 months ago

Can not view this.
Do you have a HTML ?

Lynn Jacobs
Lynn Jacobs
3 months ago

all of this is planned in the agendas they have set in motion, agenda 21 agenda 2030 (which i need to read more of) & as far as i know agenda 2050. i am not sure if there are more agendas, they show us what is coming in movies on money like Karla said. there is the illuminati card game etc this is all satans plan in one form or another because YAH shuts them down & they have to implement another plan for world domination it really is all laid out in the Bible YAH is AWESOME ♥

karla altiero
karla altiero
3 months ago

I read someone from the atlantic council set up the go fund me which then allowed control of everyone’s data/finances. Reports police used microwave weapons on Australians. 9-11 is on currency as is nuke causing tidal wave over N.Y .

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