This is happening.  This is real.  This is the Beast system. 


Yesterday I watched a friend of mine exhibit something like a nervous breakdown in public.  She was ranting loudly inside a small structure, waving her arms frantically and obviously very, very angry over something that she considered a very bad thing.  The crime?  No space for her in some line that she needed to get into.

This woman is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and a very solid, intelligent and reliable, informed conservative and truther.  To see her breaking down as she was obviously doing makes me very sad for her.  She apologized later, which was unsurprising, but my concern is for her mental and emotional state.  The times we are living in are going to become much more stressful.

Then I had a dream last night that added to my already considerable burden.

In my dream, and it was a long one, the Chinese were invading the United States from Mexico, coming west into Texas from the Del Rio Area and from New Mexico.  The Chinese troops were very disciplined and in very large numbers.  They were highly organized and were essentially a giant military lawn mower, moving east into Texas with very little resistance.

There was near panic among the citizens of Texas.  People were well-armed, but totally unorganized and in a state of confusion and denial.  The current U.S. governments well-known domestic spying operations and the fear of being arrested by the Gestapo  F.B.I. had conditioned Americans into a foggy state of submission.  We had our guns, but no backbone and no iron will.  We were fearful, disorganized and distracted.

If there is a major power failure that turns into a long-term state of reality, expect foreign military operations in the continental USA.  With the fecal matter we currently have for government and defense leadership, any attacking enemy force will find it relatively easy to proceed.  I also know that since last year the U.S. military has been flying fighters in the airspace specifically in the area I dreamed of.  I haven’t looked at that fighter activity in a good three months, and it has not been on my mind, but my dream this morning speaks to the vulnerability we have on our southern border and our Chinese enemy’s determined exploitation of that vulnerability.

Engagement will boil down to language.  If we encounter anyone who does not speak perfect Texan, they will be considered an infiltrator and suspected combatant.  If they only speak Chinese or some other foreign language, they will be subject to immediate termination on the spot.  There will be no time for dialogue and no facilities for prisoners.  If you are a Texan,  you better knock the rust off your iron backbone and wrap your brain and heart around the certainty that we will be fighting for our lives soon.

Food is essential and you do not have nearly enough.  The consensus is that two years of stored food is necessary.  Take that to heart.  And listen, two years of food per person is the rule.  You don’t have much time for that, either.  Food inflation is swallowing dollars like a sperm whale swallowing plankton, so you get less for your fiat paper dollar every day.  Therefore, today is the day to start storing food in earnest.  Do so.

I am resolved to do so myself, as I have been kind of a slacker on the food issue.  Most of us have, because the grocery store is always adequately stocked.  Food availability is going to diminish, I think.  We are entering the time of widescale disruption of basic living standards, and the illegals pouring into the developed western nations are going to do bad things everywhere.

You unarmed Europeans are very exposed, and I feel sorry for you because what are you going to do when the illegals in your country are armed and no one in your family or community has any weapons save the kitchen knives on the counter?

Surrender.  That’s about the only option you will have.  And in Australia – good Lord.  What a catastrophic failure Australia is.  Anti-Christ to the bone, the Australian government is blatantly hostile to the Word and viciously hates its own believing citizens.  You foolishly surrendered your right to self-defense decades ago, and will reap the terrible rewards from disobedience to Christ’s command that you be armed.

Canada has a Satanist government in every way. Trudeau and his fellow slaves are promoting a law that – this is insane – allows the government to search any source of information to find any “hate speech” any Canadian has ever written and imprison the writer for writing it.

“The Trudeau regime has introduced an Orwellian new law called the Online Harms Bill C-63, which will give police the power to retroactively search the Internet for ‘hate speech’ violations and arrest offenders, even if the offence occurred before the law existed,” stated the article that Musk based his tweet on.

Conditions are certainly exactly as corrupt as they seem, and to add some jalapenos to the recipe, Noahide Law is being heavily promoted by the Zionists in South America and the United States.  A brand new bill just passed by the House of Representatives of the United States Congress makes certain scriptures in the Holy Bible illegal to say, and I suppose in time the Righteous Truth of the Yehudi’s (“Jews”) killing Yahusha (aka: “Jesus”) will be removed from the Holy Bible.  No kidding.

None of this is a surprise, nor are these things even unexpected.  The world is hostile to God and a violently wicked anti-Christ government will rule the world with an iron fist.  Many of us will be executed for our refusal to renounce Christ, as the Jew Noahide scam demands.

Watching the video, you will also learn that Donald Trump is a Zionist and is actively supporting the use of the death penalty for “anti-Semitism”.  He says so with his own mouth.  Noahide Law issues the death penalty for all who claim Yahusha as Lord.  Noahide Law issues the death penalty for all non-Jews who study the Old Testament and Torah.  And to cap it all off, the Tel Aviv geneticists who tested 1000 random “Jews” in order to start identifying the 12 tribes concluded that the occupiers of Israel are in face not “Jews” at all, but are Khazars.  No kidding.

So it boils down to a nation of Caucasian (from the Caucasus region of Russia) frauds, Khazars, usurpers using ancient texts and subterfuge to declare themselves the “chosen people“, and re-establishing the satanist Pharisaical court with world-wide “Noahide Laws” in order to rule the earth and kill all Christians as “idol worshippers”.

This is happening.  This is real.  This is the Beast system from which will come the ruling global Anti-Christ.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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16 days ago

Yes, happening as you say, Satan is the great Deceiver, Sadly he has most all of the 501c3 church members deceived and will follow Satan. Once we realize there are two seed lines, YHVH/JESUS CHRIST and His children are true Christians, that know this truth. Also Satan and his seed line from Cain, the Rabbis of the Chabad sect, Fake from Europe, and later Ukraine. Plus the long line of Popes, of Esau, Gen. 6:4, when Fallen angels came down and married human women, their offspring were Nephilim, Giants. Also, the blue bloods, of the world, King Charles will be the Antichrist. I don’t think Satan has entered him yet but he knows who he is. The Tribulation has been shortened to 5 months, May – September. Matt. 24:22, Rev. 9. There is a Planet that will soon be here and will cause a Pole Shift, we can see it from the weather these days. This is the WRATH of God, He will take His children who have repented of their sins and TURNED away… Read more »

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