This Is Going To Be Freaky – Giants In 21 Cities Soon

What if you found yourself standing in front of a 100 foot tall giant who looked just like John F. Kennedy or Billy Graham or Martin Luther King or anyone else?  And what if that giant was ranting about how evil certain people were, entire classes of people being vilified by a giant in the middle of 21 major cities?

Well, this will happen because there is a ton of money to be made and the technology is already in place and the giants are going to be built in the specified cities.  This seems dead certain to be used to stir up hostility between people, as there is no way the people who are behind these giants can resist using that bully pulpit to manipulate crowds and the liberal press.

Watch this video and then imagine the giants in 21 major cities ranting about Christians be “against everything” fun and “believing Jesus and not science”, etc.  This giant business has the potential to be a fountain of hatred, and considering that the First Seal is broken, one can pretty much guarantee these giants will deliver nothing but trouble.  They will be like a disease themselves, pouring increasing levels of anti-christ rhetoric into the mainstream press and stirring the pot of strife.

This actually is horrifying to me, because I know who rules the world.  These things can be networked together to say the same things in different languages, becoming a fascinating source for hate.  People will flock by the millions to hear these marvels of technology and it is certain that they will never say “Jesus Christ is Lord”.  Guaranteed.

The psychological effect will be as if it is God Himself speaking.  And to weak-minded idiots who fill the streets of the world these days, they will subconsciously turn these giants into defacto ‘gods’.  As the giants controllers discover how much influence they have over the idiots in the streets, the messaging will increasingly become vitriolic and fervently anti-conservative, anti-christ and hateful.

That spiral into hate will attract more crowds, draw more media attention and generate more revenue as these giants become tools to promote Satan’s agenda.

The Anti-Christ

Just wait until the Anti-Christ takes control of this technology.  In fact, he might already be aware of it and was included in the design and selection of cities.  This will be used to propagate anti-Christ worship and to stir up people against Christians.  Imagine the roaring voice of the anti-Christ with his image on these giants, shouting to identify the Christians who are in hiding.

The social media pressure will be immense.  The roar of approval of the crowds around these blaspheming giants will be hypnotic to everyone present.  These giants will be used to instigate the slaughter of the believers.

People will worship the anti-Christ at these places.  They will take the knee in the streets when the anti-Christ speaks.  When his image appears on the giants, everyone will stop walking or driving, and they will turn and face the giant.  Most will kneel and many will openly bow and worship this lying devil.

These giants are portals for the anti-Christ to project his wickedness into major cities as a “living presence” and where he will be worshiped publicly.

Facial recognition and location tracking will be used to identify those who do not kneel to the giant image, and some kind of punishment will be administered.  Either loss of social privelages, or loss of digital money or some combination of punishment.  Probably on a 1st/2nd/3rd offense scale.


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