This Is Genocide. This Is War. This Is Happening.

Canada just fell under military jurisdiction.  Similar steps are also taking form in the United States.  This is where the rubber meets the road, neighbors.  You will make a decision very soon.

I hope you paid attention to this young man.  You WILL make ‘the decision’ very soon.




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5 thoughts on “This Is Genocide. This Is War. This Is Happening.”

  1. Documentary on La Palma shows could cause landslide and mega tsunami. 9-11 is on curency as is tidal wave over babylon NY aided by nuke. This is it the start of the end. I scour the internet. Russian Hackers found jab data base {sputnick jab} and peoples location and body activity is being monitored. There is a moving thing with tentacles in jabs. La Palma is planned and follow johnathon kleck end times watchman who decodes the evil symbols uses strongs concordance recieves symbols from God MATCHING bible and prophecy. Please Jerry maybe you can report on this. We all need to know the enemy and prepare. I will watch the boy from Israel being interviewed by the rabbi’s again that is important. Johnathon kleck tribulation now Yt!

    1. Yes, you have mentioned Kleck before, and I promise I will look into his work. As for the tidal wave – we shall see. There are many very strong prophecies of tidal waves destroying the east AND the west coasts of the USA. Check this link out, Karla: http://prophecies%20of%20america/ I think you will find it fascinating.

    1. I think its just your browser, Enoch. No other reports of no audio. Make sure it is not defaulting to mute. Sometimes my own browser will do that on some videos. I have had to find the ‘mute” button on the video and physically click it to turn mute off. But never on my own. I don’t know if mute is even an option.

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