This Beautiful Sabbath

In all of the wickedness overtaking the world, as the power of the Holy People is breaking and as the end, the violent end comes, yet still is the glory and the peace and the joy of the love of Yahuah that is present within all who obey Him.

The end of the wicked on earth is coming.  It will be far worse for them than we can imagine.  Enoch says that the very fallen angels that lead them now will be tasked with destroying them by Yahuah at the designated time.  It will be the very demonic beings the wicked serves which will utterly consume the lost in the coming time.

The end of this era of man on earth is described in the Book in immense detail.  The persecution of the church, the destruction of the lost, the arrival of Yahusha, the reign of Him on the earth for 1000 years and much more – all described in detail.

But the order of battle, so to speak, the order of events, the people involved, the historical or milestone events that will and are underway – lots of information for us.

What will surprise all who obey the commands of Yahuah, those who worship Him in truth and in deed, is how all of this time called “the end” transpires.

Remember that Yahuah is love.  Remember that He has nothing but good in mind for those who love Him.  Remember that He is your Father, and that He is the very best possible Father, and that His love for you if you are His child is immeasurable.  There is no limit to His love for you, no boundary, no place where His authority stops.  There is no limit to the ways He can show you that He loves you.  There is no imaginable scenario where you can experience any kind of limit to His love for you.  He can love you in a trillion different and magnificent, unimaginable, never-before-known ways.

Yes, that and much more is yours even now.  He loves His people, and if you have accepted the offer of salvation from Yahusha and if you worship Yahuah through obedience to His commands, you are heirs to the perfect limitless expanse of His kingdom and the limitless, without end manifestation of His love, His gentle, kind, beautiful love for  Y O U.  You.

This day, turn your face to Yahuah.  Open your heart and absorb His love.  You have nothing to fear and everything to expect.  When He does away with the temporary reality of the “world” and manifests the permanent reality of His presence on earth as the ruler of all, you will be complete as you cannot possibly imagine.  The power of His spirit will be more than “in you”.  You will be an extension of His power, a personal, unique manifestation of His being.

It is not possible to know that manifestation yet, because we are his people but we exist within rotting human flesh.  This flesh hampers us, and is a target for the temptations of the satan.  We are each a battleground, dealing with the lies and deceptions of the satan and his accomplices.  Our human struggles occupy much of our mind.  We disobey Yahuah, we think impure thoughts, we worry, we hate, we fear, we struggle against so many temptations that we lose sight of who we are in Him.

But Yahuah remembers who we are.  He remembers why He created you.  He remembers that you are His and that He loves you.  The love of Yahuah is everything.  Words do not exist which describes what His love means to you.  We cannot possibly know, as humans, what that means.

But its good 🙂

Fear nothing in this world.  Do not fear fighting, do not fear disease, do not fear loss.  Do not fear for your children.  Do not fear for any component of your personal reality.  Fear not.  Fear NOT.  FEAR NOT.  Yahuah is King.  His Will is all.  He decides.  His hand rules.  All else is dust and shadow, and will cease forever, never to be remembered.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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John Burke
John Burke
11 months ago

Wow my Brother!! Absolutely perfect explanation! You help me so much I go to the Bible frequently after listening to your podcast over the past 3 years and reading all your posts. I guess I just wanted to say thank you.

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